I love to wear panties and get spankings!

Hi, my name is scooter and I’m a big p****! I love wearing panties, skirts and girly pjs, I just love the soft feel of panties they hug my butt so well who knew. Right now I have a full drawer of panties I think I have 200 pairs in there, like my little trophy’s I have one pair that is a baby blue with a pink pretty tapered stripe 😀😀 When I come home I strip down and pose for naughty pictures pretending I’m a little girl dancing around and making noise till I get yelled at!
Sometimes late at night I’ll pull out my robo spanker (yes it’s real goggle it) and handcuff myself down and set it on hard for 3 hours to wear my princess butt out, I look in the mirror and my bottom is black and blue sigh I’m a big p**** but I’m happy!

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  • Im a boy im wearing girls blue cotton there so cite to wear

  • Oh I have baby blue panties with a lace back there so nice and they hug my b**** well

  • Im a boy wearing panties you can see mine

  • Why bother

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