A****** eating

I’m so turned on by women’s pink a*******! Licking and eating a beautiful a****** is my passion . My partners at first are shy and embarrassed, but once I start they get so aroused and love it. They ask me to please lick thier a*******.

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  • I was licking a girl's a****** and she farted at the same time. Not nice. So I got her to lick my a****** after and returned the favour. Won't be seeing her again!

  • I love licking my girlfriend's a******! Makes me so h****. I'm like lucky with my gf now. I'm 27 and I find most girls my age don't like it, but my gf is 19 and is up for anything. Usually she makes me stop and tells me I can only continue licking her ass after I've c** in it! So after a bit of a***, I've c** in her ass and then she demands I eat her a******. Obviously I tastes my c**, but her ass is too amazing I don't care!

  • Do you think it's more of a turn-on for her or for you

  • Not sure on this one. I definitely love it and am raging hard when doing it, but equally she loves it, probably part of the demanding me to do it, but equally when I rub her c***, she has more amazing o****** when I rub her with my tongue in her ass. She is filth tbh.

  • I also do this and it's a massive turn on!

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