What’s up with everyone wearing panties on this site? Is this a new fashion trend because if it is I’ll go get some, please tell me I don’t wanna be left out again

Nov 11, 2018

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  • If you ever slowly pulled a pair of sexy lacy panties up your legs over your b**** , c*** and up over your ass you’d never want to wear anything else.

  • Been wearing only panties for years much more comfy

  • So wait everyone’s wearing panties!😓

  • It's either one or two people with no lives multi-posting or stupid people following the arbitrary latest trend, as herd animals do.

  • Moooo

  • And you have a life? What qualifies being on this site is a negative

  • ^ lol, sum1 is defensive XD

  • You damn right I’m defensive about my panties it’s like every one wants to pull them down!

  • That made exactly no sense. You fit right in with the other mental deficients.

  • Panties are so soft and pretty

  • What’s your favorite pair like

  • Tha panty lovers can go away with the belly loving idiots

  • Butt panties are so pretty

  • Nah bellies aren’t really sexual a lot of people wear panties even me I’ve never heard of a belly noise fetish before

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