Sneak in and take my v***** it’s that easy

Hey I’m a 22 year old single white male who's a virgin yes a virgin laugh and I love being a girl but I need that cemented,
that’s where you come in anyone who’s interested in raping my man p**** in the middle of the night comment below and I’ll give you my address but there are some rules
Number one you can’t kill me! second you can’t have aids or anything like that, third you must sneak in the middle of the night, fourth after your done raping my a****** and doing whatever else you want to do to me you must spank my bottom till I cry like a little girl I’m talking black and blue bruises soak and wet in tears! Begging you to stop and you refusing until I cry and cry and cry till the sun comes up lol! fifth and final rule you must shave all your nut hair off because I hate Pubic hair it’s so gross as I don’t have any myself those are my only rules if you bring a friend it’s even better! I’m a heavy sleeper so I’ll be super easy to take advantage of! I’ll wear my super cute panties and my bambi pjs, I won’t scream or nothing I live in the woods out here in South Carolina if you do everything right maybe you can rape me some more last rule six don’t try to rob me I’m broke anyone wanna take my v*****?

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  • Nobody interested damn

  • Lame

  • So you wanna be a girl huh well I can fix that I will come in the middle of the night like a dream, I will lay beside you rubbing your bottom pulling your pretty pink panties down, I will touch you in places no man should touch you and make you feel special... you will drink from my stallion meat then I will mare mount you b**** deep! Deep enough you will neigh out! My b**** will slap against yours afterwards I will pull you over my knee and wear out your behind with a paddle you will love it so much because under those panties my be nuts but I see a V***** in the heart

  • Please email me at I won’t answer an email unless you comment here first

  • Oh yes so you just give us the address of someone you hate and they get f***** and so do we when we are arrested.

  • No you don't. Its a dude, read the first sentence

  • I’m not just going to give you my address we have to meet first so I can see your not crazy

  • Sounds like fun I’m a 40 yr b/m,
    And I will break into your house and sneak into your room tie you up and Fondle your tiny b**** and p**** after I’m done smacking your panty wearing ass you’re gonna suck my d***, then Im gonna f*** your ass till it’s sore and unload all my seed in you! You won’t need surgery because when you wake you've done grown a p**** overnight now gimmie that address so I can make you the little girl your hearts desire

  • Email me above

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