Sister l***

Me and my sister sleep together. When we were young i used to kiss her neck, press her b**** and one day slid my hand through her pyjama while sleeping. My d*** becomes hard when i see her. I really want to have s** with her. Sometimes i see her bathing from the keyhole. What should i do? Please help.

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  • Hmmm I am a twin to my sister, aged eleven. We are girls. We have been
    f ucking each other since we were 8.F ucking your twin is called twincest and it's more common than most people will ever know. We often walk around the house naked and sit on the lounge in the nude watching TV, tongue kissing, playing with each other and smoking. Mum has a real good understanding of all of this.

  • Nice having a lil sis mine is 10 years younger (step sis)

  • Can I get some pics

  • F*** her in her sleep

  • F*** her even that means you force her

  • If your confession is true, it just means you are a h**** (I assume) teenager. Once you find a girl (other than your sister) to have s** with you'll be fine. Just don't force yourself onto your sister. You don't want to go there.

  • Caress her and see how she reacts

  • Hanuman chalisa

  • Well if I were you I'd take a trip to the Psychiatrist.

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