Well that sucks

I have been hitting on a girl for a while now, She is absolutely gorgeous, Blonde, Big b****, Great body and awesome personality. Finally Friday night at a party we kissed a bit then got going a bit heavier and headed back to my place.
I'm on my back, She's on her hands and knees sucking me and my room mate who we had left at the party opens my door and says "Hey, What the...Oh s***, Sorry" and she just smiles and nods him over, Not one to turn down a chance to get some he jumped right in and I can't say I blame him but anyway he jumps right in burying his face in her from behind, Ok, He nails her from behind, Ok, we tag her, Ok. I can deal with all that but then he gets hard again, Nails her on her back and pulls out, She takes half on her face and the other half she swallows without even flinching. Right there was about the point I decided she was maybe not the girl for me, He goes back to his room and she goes and cleans up then comes back and wants to get down again with me but I just wasn't into it but let her try for a while anyway.
So in the morning she asks for my number, I say I don't think so, She gets mad and says "WTF", I tell her "Well, You let us tag you and let my room mate come on your face...Sorry I just don't think this would work out".
She is p***** and spreading rumors about us now but...Sorry sweetheart but it's all on video and as of last night 14 people have seen it, Guys and girls.

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  • Why didn’t you just continue to go along with her? Seems you’re pretty upset just because she wanted to have fun with you and your friend. If it was me I’d make the best of that situation. I liked a girl and she liked me. She really treated me great when we went out. Turns out we had s** and also turns out she was seeing other guys for s**. I decided to turn it into something fun. I didn’t get attached to her but when we had s** I spiced up the s** and would have her tell me about how the other guys pound her good.
    She loved this and it was a turn on for us both. One of the guys name was Joaquin a very tall athletic black guy. That was the hottest topic by far. I finally found a girl who was totally hot but no so much into the dirty talk. Sometimes I wish Linda was still around

  • You're the s**t here, because its quite clear that you set this girl up. Your decision to film the whole thing and then share it with 14 others must have been premeditated.

  • You made the right move. This woman is nothing more than a s***. Hit it and quit it. B**** be f****** everyone else had you gone out with her.

  • Good move. Next thing you know, she's invited 6 of your mates round for a gang bang and when you kick off she'll say you knew what she is like given the first night together your mate f***** her too. Also, your room mate is a douche for not leaving you to it. The other comments are probably all from the same person, annoyed at the same thing happening to them.

  • Disgusting ass hole

  • His room mate can probably verify...

  • Too bad you gave up a girl like that. I was someone like that so I can experience more with. Your lost!

  • Immature classless act. That is why males are called pigs

  • And that's why women are called s****. Well done to the OP knowing what he wants and he doesn't want a s*** like that.

  • You obviously didn't like her very much to begin with. If you did, you wouldn't allow anyone to make moves on her, especially when you're about to make moves on her. Plus, this confession conveys more about you and your morals, values and respect. Sorry, I meant lack of them, compared to the girl! If you don't realise that, there isn't any point in clarifying it to you.

  • She obviously didn't like him that much either. His lack of morals??? This girl f***** his room mate without any hesitation and wasn't fussed who f***** her. Now I like a woman who is up for all sorts and have done many things with all parties in agreement and knowing what we're getting involved with, but that wasn't what the OP signed for. The girl knowing the OP liked her, tarnished all self respect by inviting his room mate to f*** her. For some people that's not girlfriend material.

  • You are a bit narrow minded

  • If I f*** my girlfriend's hot aunt and she wants to break up with me, is she narrow minded too? Or if your partner wants to f*** their colleague but you don't like it, does that make you narrow minded?

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