S** with Amber in florida

I met Amber online. She is small bbw. she is a nurse. When I saw her pic i want to f*** her. I talked to her and had dinner, showed that i have money. i make her fall for me. She fell for it. She would send me her nudes. I loved that. When i see the pics i am sure She is a f****** w****. She likes beach. i thought to take her with me and f*** in the beach. But unfortunately she brought her daughter. I was angry and didn't show her. I had taken her and 3 yr old daughter to cocoa beach. I was nice to her daughter. After she slept we had a great time. i bet she is a w****. But this week, we left her daughter and we gone to longboat key. Since it only us. I had many plans. We stayed in Zota beach resort. perfect place for f****** this bbw w**** amber carter. I will have a great time to f*** this w**** till i get married to my girlfriend. After my marriage i would highly recommend anyone having money and take Amber to beach can f*** her. have a nice time. will come up with another confess about Amber soon.

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  • Okay me back. Me make more f*** with amber w****. Me have lots money. Me like beach and f***. And then me wake up with sticky bedsheets, me make mom do laundry so me warm and dry when me fall asleep tonight and go back to makefuck with w**** amber on beach. me have never seen dictionary in life and am dumbfuck virgin.

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