Mother in law’s panties

My wife and I had to live with my in-laws for awhile and my mother in law is a hottie. At the time she 62 years old and she was and still is a beautiful sexy woman. No matter where she goes men look at her.

There were lots of times I would be in the house by myself and I would check out her underwear drawers. I would also check the dirty clothes hamper for the panties she had just worn. I loved it when I would find panties she had just taken off. I would smell them and m********* into them.

Then one day I got the idea of masturbating into her clean panties. I would lay them out and put just a little bit of my j*** into the crotch of each one. Then I would refill them the same way she had folded them and put them back in her drawer. Since she changed her panties every day I would know that she was walking around with my j*** on her crotch. I would get hard just thinking about that.

I never got caught even though I did have a few close calls. My mother in law is a few years older now but she is still a very beautiful sexy woman. I would love to get a chance to m********* to her panties again. I miss it.

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  • I did the same. Turned me on to know that she wore panties with my c*m

  • Mine kenasti ema juurde ja musita teda ja aja oma keel ema suhu.Kui ta vastu ei ole siis tead ise mis teed,proovi käsi püksi ajada.

  • I love getting my mother in laws from her bathroom hamper especially when she’s worn them all day at work.

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