Americas biggest security s**** up in 1975

America had just finished building its newest Nuclear submarine. It was better than anything Russia had by far. Technologically superior to Russian Nuclear submarines in every conceivable way.

Mattel toys wanted to make a model of this submarine and the designers were excited about making one. The designers provided inside pieces of information about the submarine in a full-color brochure which revealed the inner workings of our top-notch new creation.

It took years but an expensive hard to build plastic model was made. No security officials seemed to notice or care.

The Russians care though and they bought several of these models and sent them to Russia.

The Russians soon knew how to build our submarine and not only did they know, they had a full-scale model of the submarine.

Years later the Russians had one of their own.



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  • I want more Cold War confessions! They're fun!

  • Nice try, OP. Nobody cares about this crap except you. Go find an appropriate page like or start a Facebook group if you need personal attention so badly.

  • No hearts for you

  • Tom Clancy? Is that you? I thought you were dead!

  • This is 'confession post', not 'whistle blowing post' or 'old news post'. The clue is in the freaking website name.

  • Yea unless you like wearing panties go away

  • Or are into claiming you did your hot sister/ hot mom. Or enjoy pretending you're a teenager and spouting lame dramatic crap.

  • How very interesting

  • I still get bare bottom spankings at home 😞 I’m 34

  • Good for you! Better than trying to learn to be an adult in your 40s, isn't it?

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