First three way mmf


So my wife I were staying with a couple in the Midwest. Kenny had gotten me to f*** his wife on several occasions. He had clean up duty. My wife Ann had no idea. So the first night of three we stayed at their home, we had a good meal, lotsa drinks and an agenda planned to watch some p***. I had told my wife that her p**** tasted so good I would eat anything that tasted like her. So I had Ann put on my muscle shirt no panties and to get a towel to sit on. The muscle shirt was so long it was like a short skirt and showed plenty of side b***. We sat in their living room, alcohol continued to flow. I don’t drink, but she drank enough for both of us. The p**** started. Kenny and his wife picked out one from their collection. The movie got right into c*** sucking. I leaned over and whispered to Ann “how do those girls swallow such big c***’s?” She whispered back, “I can teach you”. I looked into her eyes, excitement vibrated from her whole body. So, would you like for me to suck some c*** that tasted like you? Her reply was simple. “We can make that happen” I looked over at Kenny and his wife, they were staring at us consuming every move. As Ann started to remove my shorts and expose my hardened c***, I announced to our hosts that Ann was about to give me c*** sucking lessons. Ann’s face turned to mine and I whispered, “Tell them why baby”. She glanced over st the other couple an quite nonchalantly said, “He will be my c*** sucker won’t you baby, you are going to suck c*** for me”. I looked over at Kenny and his spouse ad gave the affirmative as Ann laughed, “this will be fun”. Sitting across the room the couple watch as Ann swallowed my entire c*** all the way down to my b****, she actually used her mouth to f*** me. Kenny had his c*** out. My wife’s first glance at the size of his c*** caused her to gasp a moment. He was gifted in girth and above average in length, topping his package was a really large mushroom head that just called out to be used. She lifted her face up to mine and we shared a deep passionate kiss exchanging the precum that had already started to flow. Ann made a point that Kenny and his wife see that her tongue was moving deep inside my mouth, Ann pulled away our mouths open and sticky string of precum between our lips broke as she moved back down to my c***. Ann started a muffled laugh as Kenny’s wife made gagging sounds trying to swallow her mates c***. Ann slide from her position of leaning over my lap to suck my c*** to a traditional position of kneeling in front of me, her ass in the air and her face buried in my lap. All that shifting and movement caused the muscle shirt she wore to creep up above her hips exposing her lovely ass and wet p****. I looked over at Kenny, his eyes riveted to Ann’s backside. I told him, “she has lovely form of a sculptured goddess doesn’t she?” He steadily nodded and his wife was still gagging on his c***. Ann bit down on me as if her signal for them to move closer. I called out to our host and his wife, “come a little closer so you can get a better look and feel of my wife”. Kenny bolted up knocking over his wife and dropped down behind Ann. As Kenny positioned himself to enter my wife, his spouse had disappeared into their bedroom to bring out their VCR recorder. The whole session to be put on tape for review after review. I asked Ann to spread her legs more so Kenny could get a good look at her p****. Ann reached back grabbed his c*** and guided his shaft into her sopping wet p****. My body quivered at the pounding her p**** took. She came twice and nearly bit my c*** off. She raised up off my c*** placed an arm around my neck and pulled me down off the sofa to the floor. Kenny had stood up thinking he had missed his chance to c**. Ann put a death grip on his Ball’s and encouraged him to move forward. She leaned to my face and spoke, “now baby you get to try out your c*** sucking skills. Finish him, then don’t you dare swallow. Share with me his c**”.pulling him forward by his b****, her hand at the back of my neck pushing forward until my lips met his c***. I could smell her p**** juice all over his glazed c***. Slowly she pushed my head forward calling out “watch my c*** sucker work”. I relaxed my jaws an closed my eyes and Kenny began f****** my face. Ann had sat back, I had moved up lost in the drunken l*** to feel him finish in my mouth, my hands holding his butt cheeks, his wife recording every sound and move. With in moments he was there, as he pulled back the first stream of c** flooded my mouth. I could hear Ann say words of encouragement, “suck that c*** baby your first of many to come”. He kept cunning, I knew I had done well. Ann separated my mouth from his c*** and another long passionate tongue probing kiss took place sharing his seed between us. Ann reminded me to pump and squeeze out any leftover c** that Kenny’s c*** may of held back sure enough there’s was dime sized glob squeezed out and devoured. Lastly she had me kiss the tip of his c*** and tell him “thank you”.

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