Jacked off in the shower with my mother in law's panties

So this morning my wife and I went to her mom's house and I used her shower and I took a pair of her dirty panties with me I love her scent I sniffed and tasted them till I got hard and ready to c** and came on the chroch of them and finished my shower and put them back



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  • My mother in-laws leave time to raid her dirty clothes šŸ˜‚

  • I do it every day and love it and I know she finds them I think she likes it šŸ˜

  • I use my step daus

  • Mother in laws a firm tight old gal hot body amazing t*** I get hard every time I see the hottie.

    I've c** in her panties stole a few pair and her bras nice size 36c bust.

    I need to know if she f**** better than my wife her daughter.

  • I would like to try her p**** out and see also

  • Question? Did you have the panties
    covering your p@$!' ?

  • Her panties were over my c*** so I could c** in them then put them back in the dirty clothes

  • I have tasted and sniffed my mother-in-law's panties several times I also like wearing her panties my wife and her mothers p****** taste and smell the same very nice...momspantysniffer

  • My wife's mother moved in with us she was in her late 30s early 40s she has a great ass nice b**** perfect sized nipples full bush after taking a shower she'd walk around the house in her bathrobe open she'd be wearing panties and a bra then sometimes no panties or bra

  • I used my MIL's hand while she was asleep, Also secretly think she is super hot and thanks to Ativan for her insomnia I was able to play with her small saggy b****, Put a finger in her tight, Hairy p**** and use her hand to j*** a load onto a towel I had laid right in front of her face.

  • What was it like being pushed with a old b****** of 46 when I was 16 by samantha (car yard s*** and her old mom vivian?) who set up for this ugly old woman of a man to go out with me? awful. he literally looked like a prince charles illigitamate dirty love child and acted so efaminate it was like he was a girl poofy woofy. and his mother was a stupid old s*** and the sister was a s***.

    he should have been up on pedo charges. I mean to me, kylie minogue is just dating a pedo in prince andrew and she is a pedo herself. I bet she is.

  • I've done the same and similar with my M-I-L's panties and hose. I'm secretly (very secretly) in love with her, though so far, she hasn't a clue of it. If she indicated ANY interest in me, no matter how slight, I'd divorce her daughter, and just declare myself to her. I've never felt like this for any woman in my entire life. I hope you are able to get with your own M-I-L, and fulfill your dreams.

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