Parents S**

At 1AM my parents woke up and started having s**. I woke up to the noise and started watching them and got hard. When they were done, my mom was very sleepy and my dad told her he was going to take a shower and that she should join him after a couple of minutes. As soon as my dad went into the shower, I went to my mom and started eating her p****. She asked me why I am here and why the shower is on, she thought I was my dad. I said that I turned the water on so it gets warm and I wanted a little more fun. After eating her p****, I shoved her dirty panty into her wet p**** for later and started sucking her b**** and started French kissing her and fingering her ass. My dad started telling her to come join him and I ran back to my room with her panty. When my mom went into the shower, she left the door open and I went inside and heard them banging again. She was just about to get out of the shower so I acted as if I was just walked into the bathroom. As soon as she opened the curtain I was standing outside with my pants pulled down to pee. She got scared and fell into the bathtub and I acted as if I slipped on the towel and fell on top of her. My d*** got hard and I quickly slipped it into my mom and put my face on her t*** acting as if I didn't know what was happening. With the shower water falling on us, it made the scene so much more sexy. I tried to get up with my hands but they slipped and I started kissing her. My dad helped me up and I acted like I ran to the other bathroom, but I turned on the bathroom light and locked the door and hid in my moms closet. She ran into the closet to change and I got a few good looks of her ass, p**** and t***.

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  • This is a Bullshit story.

  • Like I told you in your other two post, you parents would have to be totally f****** retarded for any of this to happen. I'm betting you are actually the r***** with a mommy fetish. The website is called CONFESSION post, not BULLSHIT post.

  • Sounds good but its fake. I can easily tell you play fortnite

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