Reversal of fortune for s***** CA fire refugees. LMAO

You looked down your nose at people like me back when you had a huge house, a boat, an SUV. Now all your worldy possessions have been completely cremated, and you're living out of a tent while keeping semi-warm in DONATED blankets.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a quiet morning listening to the rain in my warm, quiet, clean home with hot running water, privacy, safety-- all the things you no longer have. I currently rent and drive an older car, yet I still have SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU. By your own standards, *I* am now superior to you and *you* are worthless as a human being. Wow, that has really got to sting!! LOL

Maybe you should do what you think people like me should have done all along and kill yourself. You are now nothing but the needy, angry drain on society you mistakenly assumed people like me are. Do you need to borrow a knife so you can slit your wrists? Just ask. I'm happy to provide that much for a charity case like you.

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  • Man, I get it. People who think their worth as a person can only be measured by material things are a special kind of scum. I don't believe in karma, but if I were there I'd share my popcorn with you!

    It must have been vindicating as h*** watching those conceited fools learn firsthand what it's like to be treated the same way they (used to) treat others.

  • I'm from England,and there's still a big class divide,I was p***** off to find my newspaper filled for days about how Gerard butlers/chris martin's /Simon Cowells etc multi million pound 3rd mansion was cremated.
    F*** them.
    It cheered me up.
    OP,high five to you from over the pond👍
    I get you exactly,enjoy the warmth!!!

  • I felz bad fo y'all cept fo da n**** motha fuckas. F*** dem n*****.

  • I get the OP's point. Have to say there is some real truth to what he said

  • I think you have gotten yourself across very clearly. It is you that has a problem. Multiple problems. It is you who places values on possessions and people. It is you who's life is constrained by your paranoid thoughts. They have lost stuff. You have lost your soul.

  • Lol, did the OP hit a little too close to home? Or what used to be your home?

  • I'm not in the USA. I have just enough to live on. I'm not rich. On the whole I have great admiration for firemen & women. I do not on the whole begrudge the rich and their big homes.

    The OP though shows their attitude. They are the one with issues.

  • OP here. Too bad if you don't like my attitude! I am sorry beyond measure for those who had little and lost even that, and have been helping where I can. The ones my post was for, if you actually bother to read it, are those who value material things over people and treat others accordingly. If you lived in the USA, you'd know what I was talking about; since you don't, perhaps your own problems go much deeper than a need to knee-j*** react with an attitude of "OP has problems". (Yes, I know Americans aren't the only ones with "I have more, so I'm better than you" brain dysfunction. I'm talking about the local ones.)

    Also, please indicate in which part of the post I denigrated firemen and women? They more than earn their paycheck in this area every year, and that goes exponentially greater for this past couple of years. Again, you wouldn't know what I was talking about unless you were from around here.

    If you really need to keep whining about other people "having problems", step away from your keyboard and actually contemplate that brain dysfunction I mentioned above! It's ugly and pernicious, and I'm not the least bit sorry for calling it out. In the meantime, I'm going to take some hot soup and supplies around to different places where the need is still dire. Even though I too am not rich, I've been doing this for nearly a month now. Hmm, so much for me having "lost my soul", huh?

  • Helloooo, Mr. or Ms. "OP Has Issues"? No smartass comeback? No snide posturing? Good, it looks like you learned your lesson. Remain silent.

  • Couldn't have said it better myself. Bunch of a****** m************ who think they're better than everyone else.
    S*** load of liberal retards and conservative rich b******. F****** glad they lost everything. Just wish the f****** state would fall into the ocean.

  • Yes you are right i want to die as no home, woman, job in my life but don’t have the gutts to cut my wrist can you arrange cynide for me so as to die painless. Thanks

  • Oh shut up. If you need attention that bad make your own confession

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