I want to be cucked real bad

I'm almost sure that my wife is cheating on me with her boss. She is always arriving home late and he always offers to give her a ride.
The truth is that wish that she confess and force me to be part of it, to watch them f*** and to clean his d*** with my mouth. My ultimate fantasy is my wife forcing me to give a bj to another man, and maybe more...

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  • I’d love to f*** your wife

  • I want my virgin fiancée to cuck me.

  • My bestfriend and I was banging his girl, she turns and looks at me and Beggs me to come in her. I blow a big load into her, she tells her man to clean it up. She is on his face and she tells me to put in her ass while he is licking me and her cream out of her.

  • Do you really want her to f*** another guy? A good test is to record yourself masterbating. While you are masterbating, let her know exactly why you want her to f*** another guy. Then after you have orgasmed and your d*** is completely limp, look into the camera and tell her again that you truly want her to f*** another guy. If you can actually say it after you're limp, and If you keep the video and don't delete it, then it's a good bet you really do want her to f*** another guy. Only thing left to do is show her the video.

    That's how my husband did it, and that's what truly convinced me he was for real. I ended up f****** his best friend while my husband watched from the chair. About once a month now we get together and his friends f**** me while he watches. I get the satisfaction of having another d*** and he gets the satisfaction of watching me take another d***.

  • I like to see my wife f*** other guys. She will only do it on vacation though. And only if we go out of state. When we go on vacation she turns into a different person. She f**** other guys in our hotel room. She had two guys at once one time because she could not decide on who to f***. I like it and want her to do it more. She will not. Says she can't do it at home because she don't want anyone else to know. We are going on vacation over Christmas break and she wants to go swim in the hotel pool naked. Hope to catch the eye of some guy who wants her p****.

  • Been married for 20 years and this has been my fantasy for years. I told my wife about it probably 12 or 13 years ago. I bring it up every once in awhile, but she always says no. I get lucky sometimes and convince her to go to a nude beach, but that's the extent of it.

  • Very hot fantasy. If you post your email address I would chat with you about what we want our wives to do.

  • I want to be cucked by my virgin fiancée. It’s my ultimate fantasy for another man to take her virginity, so that I lose that chance forever.

  • We can make this happen!

  • I’ll help you seduce her. Her virgin c*** will be wrapped around your c*** hopefully very soon!

  • D*** already exploded thinking about that can’t wait to put my hands and other parts on her. I betcha she will moan in pain while you watch

  • I would absolutely love this! F*** my virgin fiancée and unload your c** deep into her c***!

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