Hate that b****!!

If murder was legal i would cut my boss' throat or blow her f****** head off with no remorse. she's such a rude, nasty b****, the most f***** up attitude i've ever seen. if i found her on fire, i'd let the b**** burn!! there are a few b****** at the job i would kill, especially those kiss ass types. i see why people go postal at the job!

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  • Learn to give in and be a extra little submissive b**** learn to make it turn you on the more she's a b**** the hotter it gets


  • And always heed advice from internet brain children like Steven

  • If she is "That Bad" ...find another job. But, before you leave, have your "Exit interview" with this bytch . At that time tell her EXACTLY what you think of her.
    I did this ...and I felt amazingly refreshed, calm and confident when I walked out of the door...for the last time.

  • Ever notice how sociopaths and psychopaths are really attracted to positions of power? Sounds like you've got one for a boss, and suckups for coworkers. The world would be so much better without people like them. Good luck, and try to keep it on the d/l enough so that you don't make the evening news.

  • Happens sometime...chillout

  • About the word hate. I've used it in a
    post. Along with a few other words. I
    Shouldn't have used. I didn't even
    hate the person I mentioned in the
    post. I wasn't even angry. I don't
    know how she would take it, really I
    don't know how she would
    interpret everything but in her post
    it says that she knows more about
    the things I know about than I do so I'm not going to argue with her in
    comments because there's been a lot
    of comments mostly from me and
    less comments from her. I'll admit it I
    Should've not posted comments but
    what I read got to me a little. Can anyone relate ?

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