Hate that b****!!

If murder was legal i would cut my boss' throat or blow her f****** head off with no remorse. she's such a rude, nasty b****, the most f***** up attitude i've ever seen. if i found her on fire, i'd let the b**** burn!! there are a few b****** at the job i would kill, especially those kiss ass types. i see why people go postal at the job!

Nov 30, 2018

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  • Learn to give in and be a extra little submissive b**** learn to make it turn you on the more she's a b**** the hotter it gets


  • And always heed advice from internet brain children like Steven

  • If she is "That Bad" ...find another job. But, before you leave, have your "Exit interview" with this bytch . At that time tell her EXACTLY what you think of her.
    I did this ...and I felt amazingly refreshed, calm and confident when I walked out of the door...for the last time.

  • Psh. "Find another job." Because it's a guarantee that the next boss won't be an a****** too? Somehow I don't think so.
    You're probably one of those jackholes who tell people with intolerable neighbors to "just move" too. Because it should fall to the decent, respectable party to go through the trouble and expense of relocating, not the a*******'. And again, it's not at all guaranteed that wherever the person moves, they won't have to deal with a fresh set of oxygen thieves.
    The bottom line is that there are way, way too many a******* in the world. This is why I smile every time there's a mass shooting-- the ratio of a******* to decent people being what it is, there are definitely several a******* who eat hot lead. (Yeah yeah, the victims are always "a good Christian" or "a mommy of 4 autistic angels". This is called spin and clickbait. Enjoy being manipulated.) So the a****** gene pool shrinks just a little bit each time.

  • Ever notice how sociopaths and psychopaths are really attracted to positions of power? Sounds like you've got one for a boss, and suckups for coworkers. The world would be so much better without people like them. Good luck, and try to keep it on the d/l enough so that you don't make the evening news.

  • Happens sometime...chillout

  • About the word hate. I've used it in a
    post. Along with a few other words. I
    Shouldn't have used. I didn't even
    hate the person I mentioned in the
    post. I wasn't even angry. I don't
    know how she would take it, really I
    don't know how she would
    interpret everything but in her post
    it says that she knows more about
    the things I know about than I do so I'm not going to argue with her in
    comments because there's been a lot
    of comments mostly from me and
    less comments from her. I'll admit it I
    Should've not posted comments but
    what I read got to me a little. Can anyone relate ?

  • What is the deal with people who use other people's confession comment threads for their own confessions? Go post this properly and maybe people will respond to you. And when you do, format it correctly-- if you were trying for something poetic, you fell way short of the mark. Good luck or whatever. Idiot.

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