I was sitting here looking at this s***! What in the h*** is all this s***!

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  • Here's a clue, dumb ass, - it's called 'Confession Post'

  • In my case I am a poor sad lonely old man. I have opinions some of which are not allowed so I blow off steam here.

  • Subtract 'poor' and 'old', and your comment characterizes 99% of the posters here.

  • Well, in your case, it's mostly asterisks and not much else. If you're gonna hang out here, learn the workarounds. Growing a personality might help too.

  • F****** pedos, is their literary filth protected by free speech or not? Reported anyways.

  • Free speech my d*** in your sisters 8 yr old tight P****

  • I have c** in my ten year old nieces p****!

  • Such wit.

  • Maybe my comment should be at the
    end here ? we all may have a rant
    sometimes but a piece of advice; do
    not post it with somebody's name
    there because you never know if they
    will see their name and post some-
    thing about you or not. It's happened
    to me already. I didn't think that she
    would see the rants and have her own
    rant where I could find it. Let me tell
    you it's a lot of expletives and insults
    ? I guess, I'm really not too familiar
    with insults but let me tell you that I
    have changed the subject ? I guess I
    could say that, I only changed the
    subject because I wanted to see if she
    would comment again and not be
    like a "broken record". Has anyone
    been the abuser and comment telling
    that they are the ones being abused ?
    I mean really, if you don't want to be
    abused by comments you shouldn't comment. Am I right or wrong ? also
    if you make comments and abuse, I
    guess you could only expect to get
    abused, I think I'm right about that
    and you could expect to have your
    comments reported also.

  • ^ignore the goddess of paranoia here, she flings it everywhere like a monkey flings p o o.get back on your meds, dumb b i t c h :)

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