Obsession with Young girls

I want to f*** my friends little sister and by little I mean under age Alyssa Houston this girl has a nice fat ass and cutie little face I would c** all over it and in her p**** and mouth ass would be last I love a*** s**


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  • She is 14 years old perfect age 10 is a good age also

  • ? what's she look like.

  • ? describe her please

  • Or yunger

  • How young

  • Her birthday is January 9 2004

  • Nice age.....

  • When you say under age, what do you mean? Like shes 16 or 17? With you being 18 or 19?
    Or are you talking like she's 13 and you're 40?
    Because if you're talking about the latter, then you are one sick m***********.

  • I'm only 30

  • He means under twelve....

  • I like them yunger

  • Like 8 to 13.

  • Omg 8

  • That's kinda old

  • Hi im 10 and im not old your a dumb head

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm lovely lil bald p****

  • Hay who are you

  • Could be your daddy if you like

  • I guess and my dads dumb

  • You there.!

  • I she my friends daughter just now in her little knickers she’s young. But got a lovely bum.

  • My daughter came out of shower just now and stone cold naked and actualy smiled at me...........

  • I want to see her c--t

  • Stop it why would you wanna see a little girls c***.

  • To see where I want my c*** to go

  • Because their so smooth and look wonderfull..

  • Yes pretty to look at but so bad

  • For sure..

  • I know what they look like I see my sisters daughters all the time.

  • Ages? any pics of their c****?

  • Twin girls aged allmost 9' and other girls are 10''11 allmos 12....

  • 9 is lovely the p**** is so smooth, puffy and hairless

  • I know and i cant help but stare at all off them..

  • How old and we have five girls.......

  • Mmmmmmmmmm love to see those tiny c****

  • My wife strips them. when spanking them also.....

  • I see them nude alot....

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lucky man

  • Thank you.

  • Describe her to me.

  • She is a little lolita.!

  • Browne hair and browne eyes. tanned apart from her bald p**** and allmost flat chest will swelling and know need off trainging bra yet.!

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm love to suck her t*** while I enjoy her hairless pusssy

  • I came twice looking at her.!

  • Love to come looking at her too

  • You there...

  • Yes

  • Do you c** on her p****?

  • Never touched her yet..

  • I will if you won't

  • Would be nice too see that

  • Nicer to do it

  • She’ll break some hearts. When she’s older all tanned.

  • Who you telling and all i can do is admire her. she is a little doll also and gentle..

  • ? how old is she and what does she look like..........

  • I think she’s 9 she has long brown hair and eyes

  • Is she still in her knickers. and my daughters. are here now.

  • No lol she upstairs now dressed. I can’t believe I looked at her like that.

  • No harm in looking. i even get hard when my wife spanks our daughters.!

  • My twin daughter's are staying with me for a week and love looking at their sweet little bodys.

  • Can I look too?

  • That would be awsome.

  • Get out of your moms basement and go make something of yourself for gawds sake

  • You ought to be f ucking chemical and physically castrated you mongrel dog

  • My sister and my niece moved in with me over a year ago. most evenings she sits on my lap without panties....

  • Do you feel her hairless c--t?

  • I so love when she sits on my lap

  • Let her feel your c*** have mom help her

  • Shes sitting on my lap now..

  • She knows what she is doing and wants to feel good and wants you to do it for her band teach her how make her body feel good and tingely. She wants you to make her little p**** c**. She wants to taste your hard c*** and lick up and down the shaft and swirl her tongue around it and make you c** in her mouth.

  • I want her to do that to me

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm they suck so good

  • Are you there.

  • Hope your getting her lil p****

  • Pedophiles are losers. They lose their freedom and are social pariahs universally hated. You might want to curb your l***.

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