Webcam s**

I’m late 49s and married, my wife has let herself go, she is only short but very fat. I still love her but recently have found myself going on webcam chat and masterbating for men. I’m chosey about my men, I love the very old or very young guys and tend to avoid all in the middle. I always start fully clothed with just a view of my croch, when someone appears that I like I will rub myself through my pants and see their response, I love it when they want to see my c*** and am quick to get my pants down to show them. I love them commenting on my c*** while I watch them stroking theirs. I love it even more if they talk dirty to me, it almost seems like they are in the room with me and that is very exciting. I love watching them c** and having them watch me. Does anyone else find web camming sexy?

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  • Who in the f@!# are you freaky s.o.b.'s.? Has everyone completely
    lost their d#'! minds.? Answer me
    that anyone.

  • Well, you're on the site, so....

  • Very young for me

  • i like it

  • What *I* find sexy is someone who can fvcking spell! Not too bright for an old man, are you?

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