Saw aunt nude

We'll be getting ready to see my aunt in Texas for the holidays and I'm reminded of what happened last year when we visited. On Christmas eve day everyone was at my aunt's house getting things ready for Christmas day. There was a lot of cooking, wrapping pressents, and visiting going on with the whole family there., needless to say it was hectic. My aunt is single and has been for several years so we all try to go to her house for the holidays. So my mon asked me to get some wrapping paper out of my aunt's bedroom. Not thinking too much about it except for the fact that was trying to play video game, I paused the game and grumbled to myself as I headed up the steps. I opened the door to my aunt's bedroom and walked in, only to find my aunt had evidently slipped away to take a shower and was standing right in front of me totally naked. Me being a 16 year old boy who had never been with a woman yet, I couldn't move. My eyes were fixed on my aunts t*** and her bald p****. Her nipples almost spoke to me and I could hear her p**** asking to be f*****. I snapped out of the gaze when my aunt threw the towel from her head at me and smacked me with it. I finally looked up at her face and she told me to get out. I told her mom wanted the wrapping paper, and she told me it was downstairs already. Then she repeated herself by asking me to get out again.
I never said anything the rest of the time we were there, and I don't think she ever said anything to my parents. I'm 17 this year and although I did have finally have s** with my girlfriend this last summer, I still can't help but think about how beautiful my aunt was standing there naked. If I had half a chance at having s** with my aunt I would jump on her in a second. Maybe I'll ask her if she's still mad at me for walking in on her. Just to see what she'll say and if I can get into her panties. I mean she has been single for several years, she has to be h****, right? And if i tell her how beautiful she is, maybe I will have a shot of having s** with her.

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  • Ok, I kind of believe the OP. I don't think he'll get s** from her, and in fact I think he may just get the s*** slapped out of him he tries.
    But this other dude below who commented. Bullshit.

  • I had s** with my aunt just recently myself. My aunt is Asian and she has a nice pair of t*** of 34C and she has two kids and a great body. She is 35 years old and I am 15 years old but I have accidentally walked into her changing twice and I noticed how nice her body was. I think my aunt told my uncle because he starting to show me some of my aunt's lingerie pictures by leaving his phone on with the picture being open. He wanted to test me, I think because he did it a few times then one time I notice he had a camera on to see if I would check out all of my aunt's lingerie pictures, so I did because I was really h**** that day. My uncle and aunty like to have s** in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep but I caught them a few times after going to the washroom. I managed to see my aunt's full body and her p**** when they 69 and my uncle spread's her p**** open while eating her out with her p**** facing the door. My opportunity came to f*** my aunt when they both went out one night and they both came home pretty buzz.

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