I want my wife to Have s** with black men

I have been married for 8 years and have a perfect marriage I’m 27 and my wife is 26 very pretty blonde hair , blue eyes , size 8 tanned skin . She has never slept with anyone apart from me and she has no interest in anyone but my biggest fantasy is to see her being f***** by a big black c*** . Is this normal???

Dec 5, 2018

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  • I want a my virgin fiancée to get f***** by a BBC.

  • Am here with my Co** and ready 2 .

  • Me and my wife are both 47 years old and we've been married for close to twenty years my wife just a thick Italian lady and for the longest time I've wanted her to take big black c*** and watch to make a long story short this past summer it finally occurred while we were in the Bahamas and I love everything about it and since we got back to United States after our vacation we have been finding big black c*** guys to f*** her and I usually watch right now she is f****** a big black guy who is very young he doesn't make me watch but I get to listen through the door and it really excites me and she very rarely now will have s** with me it's kind of a sad situation but this is what we both want it and I'm still very excited for it

  • Sounds like something we want

  • Me too!

  • Is there any black c**** out there for her ?

  • Am here with my Co** and ready .

  • No, but there is a black c*** out there for you. Are you ready to take it up the ass?

  • Black guys don't have any big d**** than white guys. Race has no bearing on how big or small a guys d*** is.

  • Your probably right but I like the contrast of black on white especially when there hung

  • You've been watching too many p*****.
    Reality vs p*** is never the same. And in fact it's so different that most guys are extremely disappointed when they try to do a p**** scene. You may get lucky, but don't count on it.

  • Well we are willing to try

  • Am here with my Co** and ready soon .

  • Well most black men will f*** anything in a skirt so I think u will be ok lol.

  • But most women won't f*** some other guy just for their husband's thrills.

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