Rape different for men than for women I guess

To being raped by a women and it not affecting me as much as rape seems to affect women.
Here's the story, back when I was 16 I was seduced by a 20 year old woman who was doing a victory lap in my highschool. I had low self esteem, a very strong s** drive, and was quite emotionally immature. So, it was easy for this rather unattractive female to convince me to go to her place and hang out. After hanging out here and there for a few weeks we got it on. I had little to no experience at that point but I knew that I didn't want to have unprotected (or even protected) intercourse with her. I was fine with some dry humping and whatever, but she wasn't. She kept slipping my erection into her and I kept saying "no" and would pull out. After a while I stopped protesting and then bingo-bango, s** happened. Shortly afterward I felt kind crappy for it, but also good because I blew my load, so conflicted, but not "damaged" per se. This event is about a clear case of rape as you can get. So, why don't I feel damaged from this as I'm supposed to, as women like to say is always the result of rape. Heck, even "misconduct" is seen as a mortal sin with lasting effects on women. So, what's with the difference here?
To add a layer of complexity; two weeks later we were at it again, smoked a little weed and then I thought "what the heck" and slipped it in her while we were both naked, grinding on each other. She didn't protest or say much of anything. In fact, I thought she was enjoying herself. Next day and for the next two weeks she didn't speak to me. When she finally told me why she wasn't speaking to me she said that I had raped her. Well, I can tell you that I thought my world fell apart right there. I couldn't believe what she was saying and I immediately thought that I must have done something wrong that I was totally unaware of. For years after that I couldn't be intimate with anyone because I simply didn't understand what constituted rape and I sure as h*** didn't want to rape anyone. That s*** messed with me far more than the rape did. Still bothers me to this day 25 years later.

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  • Because, while talking about opposite genders, the woman is penetrated and therefore invaded. Now, s** with women is typically more emotional, so not only physically invaded, but also emotionally invaded. Not to mention the aweful l effect beauty standards already have in women. And now they're being disrespected even more. So in short, it hurts more having something going into you. Believe it or not, having something shoved into you is not always enjoyable, especially not when you're struggling. That is compared to having something forced into you.

  • Boring, double post, i seen this same post before, and also true rape victims men/women dont write p**** style details of their encounter, I myself was a near rape victim of a gay pedo as a kid but survived by out smarting him, I talked about it but I know from real experience how hard it is to write details, but your writing style is clearly pornographic . Women can be pedo too, but I have read too much BS like this and know what is true and what is not, and deep inside you know I am right even though you wont admit it here and probably make more fantasy stories like these. Anyway like my previous comment to the exact same attention seeking story I say :

    "I rather read hot lesbian rape stories than the story of your stupid 2 inch teenage d*** " ....

  • Thanks for posting, it's good to get those inner conflicts out in the air. And the responses show how the disjointed messages we get about s** in our culture really mess with our empathy for others' situations. It may be a good idea to talk to a therapist so you can move on.

  • With all this noise on gender equally, it's really ironic and disappointing how female-on-male rape is almost never taken serious.

    Granted, in many cases the damage isn't as bad, but the act is not less wrong.

  • According to shrieking emotionally unstable "activists" only women can be raped. Only non-white people can be discriminated against. And if you don't enthusiastically agree with both of these you are a g****** criminal who needs to be doxxed. They are no different from teabillys and MAGATS!!

  • Usually when someone says “No” anything after that could be considered rape. No further action(s) should take place other than you quickly stopping.
    Buddy grow some b****. An older woman sucked my c*** when I was young. Yes it hurt but also felt good. I don’t even think I was ready to produce s**** but it happened.
    I don’t care for her for doing it like that but she was totally gorgeous and I felt like she liked me more than anybody

  • You weren't raped. You blame someone else for your actions

  • He explicitly refused, she did it anyway. That's "s** without consent", which is the literal definition of "rape".

  • I find more enjoyment if she has to be forced

  • Domination is one of the biggest sexual turn ons, and fundamentally wrong.

    Says a lot about nature.

  • You weren't raped. Do it again.

  • If boys and men didn't have such a proud track record of making the world revolve around their almighty danglies, maybe male rape would be taken more seriously by both men and women. All dudes care about is getting their stick wet, and don't lie-- the circumstances really don't make a difference as long as that goal is reached. Kinda hard to feel sorry for a gender whose default is Doesn't Matter, Had S3x.

  • Actually, it's been proven that women like s** just as much as men do. So when you say all men think about us s** and that's why it's ok to rape a man, that is just your sexist views coming out.

    Have you ever worked with a bunch of women before?
    I have worked in a union shop with mostly guys and I have also worked in an office full of women. Let me tell you that woman talk waaaaay worse than men do. The s*** that comes out of their mouth and the conniving plans they come up with to manipulate their husbands, or boyfriends, or even a guy picked up in the bar. It's just f****** unbelievable how manipulative women can be and how they just openly talk about it like it's no big deal. I would rather work with a bunch a men any day over working with a bunch of catty women.

  • Yup, women are a h*** of lot more manipulative than men on average, and completely remorseless about it, like it is some sort of God-given right.

    Makes sense on an evolutionary level, as manipulating men was basically all they could do for thousands of years, so it has because second nature.

  • Textwall betch. You have had your say, far more than once. We get it, you're aaaaangry. SHUT UP NOW.

  • Who said it was ok to rape a man? feeling defensive, little boy?
    and yes, women suck too.

  • First, maybe learn to read.
    Second, maybe you shouldn't assume.
    Third, you're just an a****** troll.

    Oh, and I'm a woman, so yeah, your "little boy" comment. Totally wrong and stupid.

  • Bullshit your a woman, or maybe u are bc no man is that much of a cvnt.

  • Its a f***** conspiracy of some b****** to acquire money from men else they also enjoy as much as we do

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