C** in knicks

My niece is watching me while I am wanking in her knickers



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  • Love c** in daughters panties

  • My niece is with me now naked

  • Can I see her c--t please

  • Her age....

  • She is 5

  • I want her c***, I babysit mine 3 days a week, she is 3 and I love slowly taking off her panties to see her hairless c***, I have her sit naked in front of me and looking at her c*** and her looking at my hard c*** I j*** off for her

  • I hope kate and William have another baby who has complete down syndrome and I hope harry and megs baby is a complete deformity intellectually set back from birth.

    I hate these people. I know I am not the only one who feels like this about these s***** c*** loving dirty scandal knickers down family.

    I just want them all to come down. I am not a grinch at all. I just think credit should be given where credit is due and these lot of proven to be a pack of dirty lying scamfams that are making the rest of the quality modest people sick.

    These people have ruined lives. Let them know it! MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

    I wouldn't kill them I just want them in as much physical pain, abuse and unclean living conditions and loneliness and isolation that they left me and heap of others In, and I want to see it happen very soon. Next year in fact. Start the new year 2019 with a corker! want to see every media pulling them down for the dirty rich scam liars and evil abusive people they are and all the poor people around the commonwealth they have hurt so bad. May they suffer their h*** now for it!

    their cowardly abuse on women needs to be exposed. they rape women, even the royal women do, women , children etc. make it stop and break them down oh lord god. please do now.

  • If the British Empire hadn't conquered your nation, it would have fallen to some other empire, which you would no doubt be berating now. Notwithstanding any subjugation your ancestors suffered preceding the abolition of slavery and independence; had your nation not received the benefits of western civilization, you would not be able to speak English and articulate your views here in a language which a broad audience could understand. Your hatred is misdirected at the modern Royals, who are not responsible for the sins of their ancestors, or rather the Governments who were in power at the time (since the monarch is merely a figurehead). It's whining idiots like you that creates pressure to cut the foreign aid budget rather than increase it, but hey - why not continue to 'bite the hand that feeds you'. Also - I suggest you stop reading the conspiracy theory bullshit excreted by David Icke.

  • Go fu ck your self then pedo

  • What's she look like and her age.!

  • ? how old is she...

  • She is 3

  • Perfect, she is old enough to enjoy it while I eat her p****

  • Nice. Can I have her as well?

  • Never had a dp with her she may like it

  • Would you like my daughter and she is ten....

  • I want her bald c***

  • You would devour her.......

  • Lick it so good for her

  • She is naked....

  • Love to c her c***

  • Are you still there..

  • Ten year old p**** is best ever.!

  • Mines 9 and sitting here in short skirt and know panties

  • How can you control yourself seeing a hot girl

  • Its hard as i want to do stuff with her so bad....

  • You there...

  • Can I c her c--t?

  • Yes she love's oral.

  • Let me eat her hairless p****

  • She's so damm tight

  • ? could you handle her.

  • I could handle c****** in her 3 holes

  • You there and im so hard looking at her now..

  • Bald p**** gets me really hard too

  • I want too lick her so bad

  • Me too, watch her o***** while I lick her p****

  • She is so tight

  • Are you in her a*** or p****?

  • I came deep in her..

  • Her p**** and only half way.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm put it in her

  • How much did she take?

  • Only half.!

  • So damm tight

  • I did..

  • She is here now.

  • She got a spanking for back talking to me and thrown a tantrum. while we were at the store.

  • Let me f--k her good

  • After me

  • ? are you there...

  • Would like to do that myself. i just sent her to take a shower and put her pjs on..

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I want s** in the shower with her

  • She’s way to young to have s**

  • No she isn't I would be gentle with her, lots of licking her p****, finger in her ass I would make her so wet

  • C*** up in a tight preteen ass or p**** is so f****** good. boy or girl........

  • Damn right it is c** in those tight holes

  • Would you do it boy or girl....

  • Don’t think she will like that p**** licking that young

  • I caught her masterbateing many times..

  • Take video

  • Again she is sitting in just her panties. leg off panties has slipped up her little slit..

  • Bullshit!

  • I wish ha ha...

  • Go to family naturist pictures and its not illegal.....

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