Wife and mother in law church confession

I wish I was home to go to church with my wife and her sexy ass mother every time we go to church she turns me on in the service I don't stand when they sing clamming that my legs are tired but Truth is I stare at her and My wife's assess side by side watching them jigging as they sing and clap to the music and get harder and harder wish they would let me f*** them both at the same time after church one Sunday Amanda Nicole Benson and janenne Nicole Franks

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  • I wish have all the details iam_hear4u2003@hotmail.com

  • I would like the same details here. This is a hot situation with a very sexy outcome likely to occur. I'm pulling for you and I hope you get them both and ruin them both!

  • One of them is my wife so I f*** her all the time the other is her mother I have dreamed about f****** her for years and now she knows I told her a year ago

  • Hahaha its YOU again!
    The sad little b****** with his bullshit stories! We're all tired of you.

  • F*** you I don't care about no one else opinion

  • There are 2 types of people that post someone's full name on a site such as this. A troll that wants that person harassed or an absolute idiot

  • Type 3, someone who post bullshit and the names are totally fabricated.

  • Your nothing but a disgusting little t*** who just think about s** only drop dead as no one is interested in your BS post, don't ever come back if have some self respect left ass hole

  • I'm not the writer, but it sound like he's going through a phase that lasts a few days where you want to banger everyone

  • Why dont you mind your own fukin business

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