Addicted to panties

I have been enjoying women's panties for years now. I have probably pilfered over 100 pairs (why do they call it a "pair").
I have gotten them from my HOT niece, dates, at strangers homes,
personal aquaintences, etc. I love the smell of a woman's p**** and I love to sniff a fragrant pair while I,m spanking my monkey. The odor makes me ejactulate my baby batter even harder.

I only like to enjoy panties from girls that I know or have seen. That is really important. An anonymous pair does not turn me on at all.
I also love it when they have some skidmarks. NOT a big streak of s***, but a nice subtle skid streak. I don't like the smell of s***, but that butt smell that is present after wearing them for a couple days is really exiciting to me.

I also enjoy wearing them occasionally after the odor bouquet has dissapated. It makes me feel naughty and sexy to be wearing a thong while I'm shopping or drinking beers wuth the guys. I am not a pantywaist. I was a varsity wrestler in school and on occasion have kicked the s*** out of some a****** that desperatley deserved it

I know there are others out there who enjoy panties as much as I do. Let's here from you and the details of your scores.

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  • Would love the opportunity to sniff them, but won't do so without approval. Seems like a violation otherwise. Do wear them most days. Just like wearing something beautiful.

  • Been a panty lover since I was 3 but grew up as a boy. 10 years ago I finally after many binge and purge cycles allowed myself to wear nothing else. I am over 1000 pairs now and frequently wear 2 or more pairs a day. I never plan to go back.

  • Been an avid lover of smelling a womens dirty knickers since I was 13. It started with my aunties knickers, then my cousins, then friends mothers and sisters, then pretty much any pair I could get my hands on. But like you I also need to know the women and their not some fat sweaty tramp.

    It's just not the same when you have no idea who they belong to. I found this out by finding a pair of dirty knickers outside a womens changing room at the swimming pool.

    I quickly snatched the knickers up and when I went home and started to play with them the thought of some ugly tramp wearing them was to much of a risk in the end and I threw them away after one sniff lol.

    Don't get me wrong though, the smell wasn't bad or anything and the knickers was a nice pink pair of satin full backs. The kind an older women would wear. But just the thought of some aids riddles s**** was enough to stop me.

  • I have been sniffing, tasting and wearing panties from the age of 7. It all started with my sister. She is 4 years older than me and i guess I was her toy. The first pantie p**** juice I ever tasted was my mum's. My sister use to rub the crotch of my mum's panties all over my face whilst I was wearing her pink panties and she was fingering herself. She would also sit her bum hole on my nose and fart on my face. My mum caught us doing this and that's when everything changed. Instead of getting mad, I think she got excited. Mum started buying me panties (mostly pink ) instead of jocks. She put 2 hampers in the bathroom. One for clothes and the other for panties only. My sister would leave her dirty panties on my pillow every night, then my mum started to do the same thing. By the time I was 11 I was full time wearing panties. I love the feeling inside that I get every time i pull them up over my bum. Yes, I do feel girly when i wear them. But I have always wanted to be a girl. I'm 46 now and married. My wife loves how much of a girl I am and loves playing dress up with me. I sniff and wear anyone's and everyone's panties. Everyday I still play with my mum's pissy panties and she is 83 now. She still puts them to one side for me. Like a fine wine. She just gets better with age. My wife sniffs and licks her own panties every day. The second she gets home from work. We have shared a pair of her daughters panties a few times. I know she loves how her daughter tastes. Panties are my life. My friends know and don't care. One of my friends joined me in a pantie w*** once and ended up eating my c** and licking out my bum hole. I get excited every time I see a pair of panties


  • Im there with you. It sucks because it just something we can't control, no matte4 how hard we try. I buy mine now. Just started after thowing all them away. Hard habit to kick.

  • I also love panties, like once I went to a friends house and took some of his sisters panties out of the dryer.

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