A*** s**

I want my boyfriend to try and f*** my ass,but he wont. I want to try a*** and he thinks its too dirty.I told him I will douche my butt first and he still wont try it.
I thought all guys wanted a***. Im at the point I might let one of my male friends f*** my ass..Or I might just dump him,he has no sexual imagination.
I once took off my shirt on a walking trail and had my b**** out,when he saw me,he freaked like it was my dad..Quick put your top back on,are you crazy,whats wrong with you he asked.

Dec 9, 2018

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  • You need better s**!

  • Shame I couldn't find someone like you I would of had you on the trail

  • Fill it with c**

  • I also wanted my husband to do me anally. He didn’t want to. One day I came in with a 7inch p**** shaped toy and told him you do mevir I’ll do you if I need to girlfriends to help
    Quickly he used enemas to clean nevout. I got hit. Then he played with my ass with his fingers. Finally he mounted me, pushing in slowly. Suddenly it sort of popped and he was in me completely. He began thrusting slowly and shot into me. It was great and my v***** was dripping. My rear was sore for a few days but worth it. Now I take it that way twice a month

  • Maybe your boyfriend doesn't like guys you f*****.

  • I can give you a*** treatment

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