I gave away the guy I m********* to... to my friend.

The guy I fantasize about is the twin brother of my ex-boyfriend.. My ex was an a****** but his twin is a cool guy. I have a close female friend who dated the brother. She said to me today that she is depressed AF and has some concert tickets to use. I said, "Why don't you use them on [other twin]? She said, good idea! I'll call him up!" Meanwhile all I want to do is make sweet love to him like we did that last time.

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  • You can (and should) still get with him even while your friend is dating him but just don't ever let her know. enjoy yourself!

  • I agree with ^her^ and I think you should totally have your cake and eat it too!!!! The guy won't care! They never do!!!!!!!!

  • ^^You sound frustrated^^

  • Same for me. Enjoy the infidelity. Stop? Never!

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