I let my husband have s** with me when i dont want it.

It is extremely common to lose any and all libido after childbirth for the woman. You would hate if your husband only did things he fully WANTS to do. Work, chores, household responsibilities, child care, your side of the family obligations are ALL things he would skip, i promise you. Being an adult is almost entirely forcing ourselves to do things wed rather not do in order to function or meet goals. One of your goals should be a satisfied husband. He only has one life to live and hes committed to you. Stuck, if that helps illustrate. Making him go through his one and only life without the thing men think about most is cruel and selfish. I can promise you he resents the infrequence. Many men want the good girl/woman type, good girls dont like s**, we arent animals in bed or "freaks in the sheets". In fact s** hurts us and we dont require it at all. Men know this but still like the good girl, otherwise they would have pursued a leather and lace type. I could go without s** for the rest of my life. But I do it for him almost every day and sometimes its something else a feminist would say is painful or "degrading", that is only true if you think it is. I dont fake o****** or moan with pleasure, in fact if a few days go by and hes got some frustration built up he will be a lot more rough, i dont hide my pain from him, and it hurts my lower stomach for hours after hes done. Often I will cry from the pain, but you should see the effect it has on him. One big benefit of all this is that I think it prevents him from wanting/needing to do a*** to me. He has come to appreciate my non desire by focusing on the fact that i am doing something just for him. This carries over into our daily lives and he treats me EXTREMELY well, kinda spoils me, and a big reason for that is appreciation and an attempt at repaying the gift i give him at night. You really do have no idea what youre missing out on. Your "win" and "dignity saving" only feels like a win. On my wedding day my mom told me to check my dignity at the bedroom door and that what makes a woman good in bed is what she is willing to do, and that I should let him do whatever he wants to me and he will never stray. I laughed and didnt listen to it for almost a decade but now i see that has been the single best piece of advice I have ever received. But to be fair I used to think just like the feminists, I made him wait until I wanted it and would only do things my pride would allow. The bottom line is that were not on camera, nobody has to know what you do in bed. Swallowing my pride has been the most positive thing in my 34 years. Doing it the modern feminist way for the first 8 years of marriage almost ended in divorce.


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  • This is such BS and probably not even typed by a woman lol. Damn “nice guys” and trolls are taking over everything. Seek help!

  • You’re a f**.

  • You are woman which means you are meant to be fuckedd.

  • My wife and I met in the church. She was a great believer in the wife being submissive. I was too but she was really committed. When we first married we used to actually practice her being submissive. She would try to be as passive and relaxed as possible. She would say she was my doll and her body was mine to enjoy. She used to sometimes o***** and she said that her orgasming made her feel guilty because it meant she had been thinking about herself and not me and that she should be thinking of my enjoyment.

    Sometimes she was dry and s** was painful for her and we talked about that and she would remind me that in the bible in Genesis 3:16 it says "I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." She said that it was her role to endure pain.

    I found that I actually liked to inflict pain on her to see how submissive she was. I'd spank her at times which for me was very arousing. I made her do oral but actually because she would just kneel with her mouth open and not do anything it was pretty hard to o*****. I also would take her anally and that was much better. I used to do that when I wanted s** and she was on her period or toward the end of her pregnancies.

  • Your abusive. Your using her. Your unconcerned for her feelings. Your an awful example of a real man but rather an example of a low life. Learn all that in that church of yours too?

  • Thank you. What actually makes it wrong to inflict pain on her. I am certainly not unconcerned for her feelings. It's a journey of submission for her. In fact I am very concerned for her feelings. I like for her to talk to me about how she is feeling. I like to feel her shaking but not resisting when I have her undress and be tied down. I like that she knows it will be painful but submits anyway. Her submission, he acceptance of pain is very arousing for me.

  • My wife lost her libido years ago. We went to counselling and that made no difference. She has never denied me s** and in more recent times we have discussed in quite a matter a fact way s** and bedroom activities. She is not a physical touch person and that is something I really miss.

    However I just have to say I would like s**. She says not to worry about foreplay and trying to turn her on. I just have to ask.

    Then she will go into the bedroom and pull back the covers and take off her clothes and lie on the bed on her back with her legs apart and her mouth open. I am 'allowed' to kiss her and put my tongue in her mouth. I can suck on her b****** and I can have s** with her. She lies there passively with no resistance. I know she does not like any of those activities but she does it for me.

    I really wish she would get into s** but I am thankful for her not denying me.

    I know any teenage boy would think they were on a winner if a girl would give them passive s** just for the asking but frankly I actually am over it. This kind of playing submissive was fun once but now ? well it's so disengaged. So we have this weird situation where she is making this sacrifice for me but I am feeling negative about it. maybe I am just too selfish.

  • This has got to be the most honest 'confession' that I have read here. Thank you.

    Well done and thank you. It is so wonderful that you are willing to do this for your husband.

    For many years my wife likewise 'gave me s**'. I was very thankful. I think though that it ate away at my wife and we separated about a year go. I think that it comes down to head space. If your head space and recognised by him that you are making a sacrifice for him and he knows it then it can be pull you together. When he knows that your pain is for him then he will remember that. My wife would make the sacrifice part but I think it left her feeling negative.

  • I understand. I would only say men(me) are wired up differently. To me it like the more I work out the more testosterone I build up. I mean the s** I get from her is almost as you explained. There are times my motor is out of control and I crave s** almost daily. Of course that doesn’t happen. My wife’s excuses have pushed me to stop asking or waiting for the right time. She feels overweight, stressed, afraid of kids walking in, not in the mood wait til tomorrow. I go way above and beyond for her. This will get old and going back to your moms advice is almost true in my opinion. Give us the green light cause we can’t just turn it off just like y’all can’t turn it on.

  • My 1 marriage was virtually a sexless one for 15+ years. My 2nd wife promised she would never do that to me and to this day she makes keeps me well taken care of daily. I know she doesn't need it or even want it everyday but like you she does it in spite of. Bless you both ! You guys make life and marriage so much fun.

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