Question.....Have any other guys besides me ever had multiple o******????

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  • #1 here... i've developed aquired complex partial seizures a few years ago. Its a type of epilepsy. As I was being switched around on drugs my ability and sequence of o***** has totally changed. I've gone from not able to EVER o***** on Paxil (EVIL STUFF), to a quick trigger after I got off that drug onto another. Before all of this my o***** would build, peak, and then the shots would come. Now its like a longer peak, and before I get towards the end, its flowing. Like, I could never use the pull out method of because it starts flowing a second or two before I start tipping into that phase of no return. Its been interesting to see how much you can manipulate an o*****. things like the dribble to the shot that goes further than a meter.

    I think there is some yoga way of having multiple dry o******. Not just pinching the tip and letting it force into your bladder. That kind of confuses me. If the prostrate doesn't produce, how is it an o*****? Like, all mental with the euphoria dizzy feeling? Anyone know about that?

    Heh, this has turned into the P**** Monologues or something.

  • When my girl gives me a handjob she stays focussed on what level I'm at. When I get very close she'll stop and go real slow. Sometimes stop alltogether and restart

  • Well that's exactly what happends with me, but I thought it was multiples

  • Can you explain more? I've had c**... then a delay, then more c** but it all seemed to be the same, but longer than usual o*****. Its like you start the e**********, but then you seem to miss the peak, so you really focus on it and the peak comes back. During the whole deal its like your prostrate gland is just rending itself of everything it can give.

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