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A few weeks back my Sister in law asked me to have a look at her laptop as it was running very slow. I went round to her house and began looking at the laptop for her, she went off to make us a brew leaving me alone. I started a virus scan on the laptop, while it was running I looked a her recent file history and found that she had been looking at some JPEG’s I clicked on the 1st link and a picture of a guys c*** opened up this shocked me a little as I wasn’t expecting a nude picture however I clicked next and a different image of the same c*** appreared, I clicked next several more times and more c*** images flahed up until a pair of b**** appeared then a different view of the b**** and 2 or 3 more views of b**** and then a full view of a chubby naked woman lay back on a couch squeezing her b**** together. In an instant I new the couch.. I was sat on it and then I realised that the naked woman was my sister in law instantly my c*** sprang to attention I was so excited by what I had found. I clicked next more times and with each click a new picture of my sister in law was revealed each time a nude pose. I was staring at her b****** with their dark nipples and her shaven p****, in one picture she was lay on her back holding her p**** open I scrolled the mouse zooming the picture in on her p**** which was glistening and wet. At that point my sister in law returned with the brews which she set down on the table in front of me, I clicked minimise quickly and pretended I was watching the virus scan. She asked what do I think is slowing her laptop down I said I wasn’t sure and would need to take her laptop home and keep looking at it there, she agreed and after having my brew took her laptop home. Once home I quickly searched for the file location and opened it, the file contained hundreds of photos of various guys and their c**** but also my sister in law semi naked or naked. I masterbated to a slideshow of my sister in law stripping off a set of black underwear and then fondling her breast before fingering her p****. Afterwards I made a copy of all her pictures for my personal use, then I took a picture of my c*** and dropped the file in amongst the various guy pictures. I regularly look through her pictures and m*********. I hope also that she found my picture

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  • I’ve a thing for my SIL for as long as I’ve known her. I managed to send a c*** picture to her ( deliberately). I then sent her a text her to say it was meant for her sister and that I was sorry, she text back with that there was nothing to be sorry for and maybe she owed me a picture in return. I just text back LOL and left it at that. One night my wife was working, I’d had a couple of drinks and was feeling h****, I then remembered my SILs text so I text her saying that I hooped she hadn’t forgotten that she owed me one, after about 30 minutes my phone pinged and it was a message from my SIL, I opened it and it was to my surprise a selfie of her topless, her t*** were great and looking at her topless smiling at me just made me want more, so I pushed my luck a little further and replied that the picture really didn’t make the cut for clearing her debt. I heard nothing back, then 1 hour later my phone pinged again with a message from her this time she had paid her debt in full, the selfie this time was her stood naked. I was totally shocked that she had sent me what I wanted. I wanked off immediately. Strangely enough nothing further has happened, we’ve met at family occasions loads of times but never talked or text about it since. I keep the pictures hidden and on occasion look at them and wonder what could have developed

  • My sister in law had been on holiday with her sister and dad, she had taken loads of pictures of the trip and wanted a digital copies, I volunteered to scan them and put them on a memory stick for her. There were loads of her and her sister in their bikinis. When I gave her the photos n memory stick she asked what I thought of the pictures. Not really thinking much I said they were hot and instantly realised what I had said and went red, she giggled a little and then said so you liked them hey? I just replied yes, she then went on to ask which pictures I liked the most. By now I realised she wasn’t embarrassed about what I had said but seemed more interested in what I thought. I remembered a particular picture of her lay back on a sun bed in a black bikini and that when I zoomed in I could clearly see her hard nipples and the shape of her p****. The black one I replied. She just smiled and said my favourite too, would you like to see it. I was exited by how she was acting and snapped out yes please. Ok I’ll be right back, and off she went, I thought she was jolking with me and would return holding the 2 piece in her hand but was surprised when she appeared at the door asking does it look better in real life? It did standing there her b****** only just restrained behind 2 small triangles of thin black material and her bikini bottoms pulled tight against her p**** showing her camel toe off. To nod and say yes was all I could do, I couldn’t believe what was happening - but I liked it. We went on to have some great s**, after she just said I really enjoyed that and that it was our secret and that I knew where she was if I wanted more. We’ve not done it again or spoke of it, but she does wink and smile knowingly at me when no one is around

  • I call bullshit

  • I want to send my sister in law a picture of my c*** to see what she says, we’re always flerting and pushing against each other. I’d love to see pics of her naked

  • I sent a d*** pic to my SIL by accident one time. My wife and her sister's name both start with M, so they are next to each other in my phone. I didn't even realize it until I got a text message back from her. She sent me back a picture of her t***. We have never said one word about the exchange. Wife has better t*** anyway.

  • Did you ever find out if she saw your pic?

  • Who’s c*** was it? She getting some side c*** ?

  • I have a cloud storage that is fairly large enough to back up anything I need. My 24 year old stepdaughter regularly brings over her phone and backs up her picture for safe keeping as well. I have a folder with her name on it where she backs up to so they aren't mixed with mine. I normally never look at her photos because they are of her and her friends or just dumb stuff, not very interesting. Anyway, I was on the cloud looking for something I had backed up and saw her folder. Wondering if I dropped it in her folder by accident I opened it up and started scrolling through. She has been backing up her phone for a while so I was scrolling some time until something caught my attention. I clicked to open the picture and there was my stepdaughter spread full eagle opening her p**** lips with two fingers. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I clicked off and looked at other pictures surrounding it, there must have been 30 or so nude pictures all of her in different positions. Pictures of her t***, her p****, her ass, one of her sticking her fingers inside her, ones of her putting her tongue on her nipples. All clear and all provocative like they were professionally done for a magazine or something. Obviously I copied them to my phone and now I regularly m********* to them. What I don't understand though, is she knows she backs up her phone to my cloud. Where these pictures were at in the folder suggest they were uploaded a couple years ago. So she has to know they are on my cloud. As she has backed up her photos many times now in the last couple years, why didn't she go and delete them? I can only think that she wanted me to have them.

  • There is no doubt your stepdaughter wants you to see them. My daughter inlaw also has me back up her phone. I had just finished one time and handed back her phone. Her eyes got really big and she said "OMG I NEED TO DELETE SOME PICTURES FROM THE BACK UP".
    I calmly said I could do it if she told me what the pictures were. That's when she told me they were nude pictures of herself. I let her go ahead and delete them herself.

  • You can undelete them with the right software

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