I ate my own s***

It just looked so scrumptious within that bowl ohhhh yeahhhh it gave me an erection. i just had to eat that feces it looked so good,delicate and smooth and a small section of it was just overlapping beyong the water because it was so long and big. for some reason i had this great urge to shove that big piece of s*** inside my f****** mouth. is this normal?

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  • "Is this normal"? Are you s******* me? Of course it's not, moron.

  • That's one game the tards around here like to play. They'll post something that's been posted a thousand times before, like wearing panties or wanting to bang their sisters, and then end it with a cute little "is theis weerd?" Don't ask me what they get out of it, I can't relate to brain injury cases.

  • "I can't relate to brain injury cases" LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bull s*** story

  • You can work around the lame site censoring if you type it out in one word, "Bullshit"

  • Probably this site works in h_ell as well

  • #sickfuck

  • Oh yea totally.


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