I play with my n****** during class

Ever since i was a middle schooler ive been playing with my sack utilizing my superior stealth skills i hide with my baggy as f*** clothes then i proceed to the n****** playing now im a high schooler i have increased in my stealth skill points im now playing with my n****** more than ever even if someone is in close proximity they would never notice hahahah im the n****** lord muhahahahah muhahaha. playing with my n****** is so good i will continue to do this even if im an adult at my workplace and by that time i probably would be so experienced with n****** playing. i could even play with my nuts even while standing face to face with a person and they would never notice. I wish there was a n****** playing organization and they would hold out tournaments so maybe i could even profit on my hobby heehhehehe.

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  • I love to m********* a lot wearing silky panties. When I went to prison I obviously didn't have any silky panties to wear but it didn't stop me from masturbating a lot. I could do it with my cellie in the cell and he'd never know what I was doing on my bunk. Lots of inmates get naked and m********* on the female guards when they are doing counts. I can't disrespect like that.

  • Put clothes pegs on your nipples. Hurts like h***. So hot. I do it to my gf.

    Also look up tack bra its a bra but you put thumb tacks in it. When the girl is hugged it really hurts her but she has to keep smiling.

    You could try these even though you are a guy. Pain is good.

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