I was raped

I know this will sound like bullshit but I assure it's not. About eight months ago I met this woman at work who I hit it off with. We started going out as just friends. About a month later I found out from one of her friends that she is waiting for me to be more than just friends. I had a conversation with her and explained again that we were just friends. Another 6 weeks or so go by and again I find out she thinks we are a couple, so I confronted her and we got into a big fight. I told her I didn't want to be friends anymore and left it at that, or so I thought. I then started to notice she was stalking me. She would sit outside my apartment and I would get weird phone calls all hours of the night.

I was coming home from work one night and was almost to my door when I was jumped by two guys they punched me in the stomach and threw me in their car. After that I blacked out. I woke up in someone's house tied to the bed naked. I laid there for a little while trying to get free but was unable to loosen the ropes. Then this woman who has been stalking me walked in. I couldn't believe my eyes and demanded that she let me go. She refused and proceeded to tell me I had to options. 1, I could profess my love for her and have s** with her, or 2, she would cut my d*** off so no woman would ever want me. I told her she was crazy and she jumped up on top of me. She told me that I just didn't know how good she was in bed yet. That's when she started to stroke me and suck on my d***. I tried no to get hard, but that was like trying to tell the Pope to not be Catholic. Once I got hard she slid her panties to the side and proceeded to f*** me until I finished inside her. Then she got off and told me she wasn't on any birth control and hopefully she would get pregnant. She then told me if I didn't agree to be with her that she would got to cops and tell them I raped her. With my c** still in her they would most definitely believe her. I had no choice and told her that I would be with her. She then demanded that we be married within the week. She untied me and had her two friends that jumped me escort me to my apartment where I packed some things and moved in with her that night. The following weekend her and I married. We later found out she is pregnant. She's now living in this fantasy world where we live the happy couple with a child on the way, and no one knows that I despise this woman and she's manipulated me into staying with her. I go along with it, but I wish I could leave. I wish everyday for a bus to hit her or she die from some illness.


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  • S k y p e Annie price 123

  • Annie price 123

  • Boring, try lesbian rape stories sometimes, sounds hotter than the story of your stupid 2 inch d***.

  • Daily soap post

  • Better than your boring ass life. Lol

  • Let me have your mom i will rape her and send the video to you,then you can take the reference of it and re post some non sense again n people will believe it this time ass hole

  • S k y p e Annie price 123

  • Not cool i was raped b4

  • What, you want me to f*** your ass hole?
    Well ok, get your s*** ass over here. I got a big f****** d*** for ya :P

  • S k y p e Annie price 123

  • Ok, lemme have your mom first j*** face

  • Well ok, if you're into necrophilia I suppose you can have her, but you have to dig her up.

  • Is your wife with you I can speak for you

  • No, but your wife is hanging on my d*** right now, do you want to talk to her?

  • Yes go on then!

  • Oh i am so sorry to know this. I end this discussion with this

  • What? You don't want to stick your d*** in some dead lady now? Well you asked.

  • Disgusting little nerd have some respect for your dead mother,it's an embarrassment talking to you

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