i'm a female who likes to watch p*** and am completely heterosexual, but i have breast preferences and i hate small arriola's and nipples.

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  • Oh My Goodness. I'm female & feel the exact same, watchin b****** bounce up & down get me so wet! Large areolas & big hard nipples turn me on & 1 day I hope I get to suck on some1s besides my own

  • #4 guy here. I know what you mean about a nipple that small. You see them on hollywood stars and it just kills it for me knowing that is whats under the hood.

    The wife has b****** that kinda fluctuate from loose D to a tight D. She doesn't pass the pencil test anymore but that is fine with me. Her nipples are nice. They've lost some of their pink colour due to the breastfeeding, but the areola is about 2 loonies across. (That is the Canadian 1 dollar coin.) The nipple more like a square smartie. I've liked them since I first saw them, but still like seeing just how different they all can be.

    When I was 18 my mother bought me a subscription to Playboy (my mom rocks!) for my birthday. I think it was a 1991 issue that had a girl with perfectly round nipples. Perfect. I had no idea how to spot fake t*** then but I guess they were. Who ever the doctor was he did an amazing job. I recently saw a picture where the same woman had a nip-slip and holy s*** it was deformed. It looked like it folder over on itself. Weird. The price some pay for vanity.

    Its natural that you size your self up against other b**** as guys do it to. Be it wealth, or phyically, or the c*** anonymously on the i-net. Is it an ego thing? I dunno. Maybe not always.

  • Since I lost 30 lbs a few years ago, my man-b**** are back to normal and my areolas are...manish. On women....like my wife...she has great nipples and areolas. When her nipples get hard they stick out a good half inch. She is a nice c-cup so her nipples I think look proportionate. She can near o***** from nipple play alone- are yours as sensitive?

  • The size does matter. As for my own, I'm content with what I have. Just that sometimes you see these other women having (natural) larger breast and you compare yourself and wish you did too, I, in this case.

    How about you?

  • Ok....does the size of the b*** itself make an impact on you? Not just the nipple/areola. And since I must ask the obvious- what are your b****** like? Do you like your own? (We are often our own worst critics)

  • Comment #4, yes, smaller than a quarter, almost like a dot, for some reason I really dislike it and I like the large fade types areola and definitely natural!

    Comment #2, this is a site to confess things not to come and judge what others say, stupid.

  • I too have a thing for b******. I don't hate certain types and shapes of b****** but am really interested in seeing all the different types.

    So when you say small.. like smaller than a quarter? You like a defined edge to the areola? Or the large fade types? I particularly dislike augmentation.

  • The Coolster says you are one superfine lady! Hop in your Volkswagon, and drive to Coolville, population: Me!

    The Coolster

  • You know, I wonder how many guys are writing this s***, just to see if other guys are gonna get hot and bothered.
    If this is a woman, it says a lot if you have to go here and talk about b****** just to get five minutes of attention.

  • i see nothing wrong with that

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