Embarrassing B******

I was working later than usual the other night and got a bit h**** after my mind was wondering. Decided to have a quick w***, and as I'm yanking away at an August Ames video, I hear a woman yelling! As I turn around, d*** in hand, Sarah from accounts is stood there yelling in disgust. I'm 22, she is a lot older and been at the company for a long time so she pulls rank. After a good telling off and explaining how she has to tell her manager, she says she won't say anything if I play along with her. I agree. So she makes me strip completely, my d*** is now so hard thinking I'm in a dream p**** where I'm going to get f***** by an older woman at work. She is a slight milf I guess.

She makes me lie on the desk and ties my hands together with my tie, then covers my eyes with my shirt. She starts stroking me and after a short time she stops and I feel her lips touch my d***, and before I know she's sucking me off like a p*** star. It was amazing. She stops and asks me how it is, so I tell her it's incredible. She says good, and wants me to keep telling her how great it is and if I keep asking to c** in her mouth, she'll let me. She tells me to beg for it. So I beg and I beg telling her how amazing the b****** is, best I've ever had and how I'm about to c**. I'm on the brink and she yells for me to c**. As I'm right on the brink, my hips tense up, and just as I start to c**, she uncovers my eyes. I look to find her standing next to me laughing and as I look down, Stewart from marketing is sucking away at my d***! It's too late, I'm c****** and c****** and can't stop moaning. Wtf! Sarah just filmed me getting sucked off by the office super gay. He is the gayest of all gays, he sucks a lot of c***, and now he sucked me off. After he swallowed everything he looked at me in his super gay way, and said best b****** I've ever had and winked. I've never felt so disgusted after c******. Is it bad it really was the best b****** ever though???

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  • So I f***** Stewart in the ass, he has f***** my ass, both of us without condoms, several times. I actually had c** dripping out of my ass....what have I done. It actually felt good to be dominated by him, it did hurt, he didn't use lube, I struggled at first, by the 3rd time, it was much easier.

  • So Stewart asked me to return the favour, he got me hard and h**** then flopped out his d*** and I sucked away until he came in my mouth. As a thank you he is going to let me bum him....maybe I am gay?

  • So I met the Stewart at a bar tonight, went to his car and I gave him $30 to suck me off. It was awesome. I did nothing for him, apart from make him gag. Is it really so bad? The o***** was even better than when I w*** myself!

  • So you're gay.

  • No. I had my eyes closed so could have been anyone sucking me off. I didn't think about him. I was imagining it was Penny from Big Bang Theory.

  • No, I didn't choose for him to suck me, I thought Sarah was sucking my d***. But it was honestly amazing, waaay better than any of the girls I've been with, including a couple of hookers I've used. Im so confused because it's so disgusting but I can't stop thinking about how good it felt.

  • So you're gay

  • Nope. A bj is a bj. Doesn't make you gay

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