I would love a girl to pull her panties down let me have them

I would love a teen girl pull her panties down and give them to me to wear

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  • Im minding my niece for a week. i have her nude now.

  • I have supper at my younger sisters house as I live on my own nearby and my niece likes to sit on my knees while we watch tv, just before Christmas she started wriggling and I got a h****** and I pulled her back onto me to test her reaction and she put an arm round my neck and nestled in closer. I knew she was feeling my d***, she was wriggling more and I told her she was naughty and she got up and went upstairs. I thought I had put her off but two nights later I was relieved she came back after doing her homework and this time as she sat on my lap she pulled her school skirt up looked at me and smiled. I could feel her little knickers and her pert a*** through my joggers, she started to wriggle on my d*** and im so glad her mother was in the kitchen making supper as I was so aroused as my niece spread her legs either side of mine backing and pushing onto me. I nussled into her neck as i shot my c** into my pants as she moved against me it was wonderful. I told her I loved her being naughty and all she said was yes I am and you are as well you naughty old uncle.

  • My niece keeps flashing me here. should i tell my sister.

  • Let mine watch me c** in her knickers yesterday she is 4

  • Are you there. im strokeing my c*** as daughter is watching...

  • My daughters loves too watch me m********* and she is nine

  • Wife was watching n doing at 9 with fam member

  • At nine she should be jerking u off

  • I will ask her to..

  • No get her in bed she wants it

  • But she is only 9

  • Perfect age, tight bald c*** no t***

  • ? are you there..

  • She is beside me now.!

  • No put her on I will speak to her for you!

  • I told my sister.

  • Ok...

  • ? if not then forget it. my sister would tann her little bare buns..

  • Are you firm..

  • Money is the root of all evil. I asked a girl at a bar who came back from bathroom and handed them to me wadded up.

  • You know you can buy used panties on Ebay.

  • Nicer to take them of her still warm

  • I bet and smell her teenage c***.

  • Younga

  • Younga what ?

  • P****

  • Nice

  • Very much so

  • Hi im 11

  • Sure

  • No you are a grown up f ass hole

  • I dont care what you say im 11 so get lost loooooooser

  • Okay so you are 11. Are you going to send the guy who wrote the confession a pair of your panties? Personally I love wearing nylon panties, pantyhose or colored tights ( I'm wearing a soft pair of panties and a pair of wine red tights and a beige pair of boy shorts firm control panty. What do you think about guys who love wearing women's lingerie?

  • Hi there

  • Is lingere panties and i guess i dint no

  • Lingerie is panties, stockings, garter belts, shapeware, slips & camisoles, and bras.

  • Do you have a girlfriend xxx

  • Sure would like one. Call me panty man.

  • Ha ha realy xxxx

  • Have you a girlfriend xxx

  • I sure would like to have one. I know how to treat a girlfriend...like a green.

  • Whats a green kkk xxxx

  • Kkk i did not no sorry

  • More like 40 year old fat dude still living with your mom. Have you even taken a shower in the last month? You fat b******.

  • No need to be rude

  • You are a dumbo

  • Get lost

  • 18 hot an h****

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