I would love a girl to pull her panties down let me have them

I would love a teen girl pull her panties down and give them to me to wear

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  • I am a guy,16 and the girl i am currently going with is 15.Back on June 2nd she finially made her First Communion with the 2nd graders in her class.I went to her party and was surprised to see her dressed like a little girl in her poofy,sleeveless,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white 'mary jane'shoes! She looked very cute and pure in her white outfit!After her party was over,her parents had to go to the nursing home to check on her gramma,so her and i were alone! We started our kissing,then i put my hand under the back of her communion dress and to my surprise,she was wearing toddler plastic panties! I asked her why she was wearing them and she told me her parents bought them for her to wear under her dress just like the little girls do! I got very h**** and was able to get her dress off of her and saw the plastic panties in full view with her white teddy as her top.She looked very cute standing there in front of me in her veil,top and the plastic panties and her lace socks and shoes! I got her to her knees,then put my hard d*** in her mouth and made her suck me off! When i came,some of my c** ran down her chin and dripped onto her plastic panties,so i took my finger and wiped it off and put it back into her mouth! A few minutes later,she took the plastic pants off and let me smell the crotch of them,and them i licked her p****!

  • Would also like to have a teen school girl reach under her skirt and pull her sweet smelling dirty panties down. I would sniff and lick them while she watched and then jer k off into them and give them back for her to eat my cu m from her delicious panties.

  • It is nicer to get the off yourself, I babysit my niece 2 days a week and I have lots of fun

  • How old is she...

  • She is 3

  • Mmmm f*** lil 2yr girls

  • My daughter just flashed me and rescived the spanking off her life. i rang my wife and our daughter is going too rescive another spanking before bedtime before early bedtime...

  • Im minding my niece for a week. i have her nude now.

  • I have supper at my younger sisters house as I live on my own nearby and my niece likes to sit on my knees while we watch tv, just before Christmas she started wriggling and I got a h****** and I pulled her back onto me to test her reaction and she put an arm round my neck and nestled in closer. I knew she was feeling my d***, she was wriggling more and I told her she was naughty and she got up and went upstairs. I thought I had put her off but two nights later I was relieved she came back after doing her homework and this time as she sat on my lap she pulled her school skirt up looked at me and smiled. I could feel her little knickers and her pert a*** through my joggers, she started to wriggle on my d*** and im so glad her mother was in the kitchen making supper as I was so aroused as my niece spread her legs either side of mine backing and pushing onto me. I nussled into her neck as i shot my c** into my pants as she moved against me it was wonderful. I told her I loved her being naughty and all she said was yes I am and you are as well you naughty old uncle.

  • She wants to f***, you won't get better p**** than yung p****

  • Its Uncle back again! She is to young to have full s** only thirteen but she obviously knows what its all about as we have progressed to my putting my fingers inside her knickers and gently massaging her puxxy. She really wriggles about when I do that.
    The other night I baby sat for my sister while she went out and Debbie was upstairs doing school work and I was watching tv. After a while she came down walked over to me and plonked herself on my lap. I asked her if she was going to be naughty and she turned her face and kissed me and that's the first time shes done that. she took my hand and slipped it up her skirt and into her knickers and oh that little p**** was so soft and sexy. I was rock hard
    I gently massaged her and nibbled her ears she spread her legs and I massaged more but just gently then I felt her puxxy become wet and she gave a little moan and her legs shot straight out and I had made her o*****.
    I pulled her very close rubbing my erection against her bottom and soaked my pants with love juice. Then she got up and said you are a very naughty lovely uncle and she bent down and kissed me full on the lips and then ran upstairs. I now know how to please her.

  • L have my niece with me now till monday..

  • Lucky uncle

  • Please respond and my niece does the same.? how old is your niece and mine is 10 and i have permission too spank her...

  • My niece keeps flashing me here. should i tell my sister.

  • Let mine watch me c** in her knickers yesterday she is 4

  • Mmmm getting 2yr girl

  • Are you there. im strokeing my c*** as daughter is watching...

  • My daughters loves too watch me m********* and she is nine

  • Wife was watching n doing at 9 with fam member

  • At nine she should be jerking u off

  • I will ask her to..

  • No get her in bed she wants it

  • But she is only 9

  • Perfect age, tight bald c*** no t***

  • ? are you there..

  • She is beside me now.!

  • No put her on I will speak to her for you!

  • I told my sister.

  • Ok...

  • ? if not then forget it. my sister would tann her little bare buns..

  • Are you firm..

  • Money is the root of all evil. I asked a girl at a bar who came back from bathroom and handed them to me wadded up.

  • You know you can buy used panties on Ebay.

  • Nicer to take them of her still warm

  • I bet and smell her teenage c***.

  • Younga

  • Younga what ?

  • P****

  • Nice

  • Very much so

  • Hi im 11

  • Sure

  • No you are a grown up f ass hole

  • I dont care what you say im 11 so get lost loooooooser

  • Okay so you are 11. Are you going to send the guy who wrote the confession a pair of your panties? Personally I love wearing nylon panties, pantyhose or colored tights ( I'm wearing a soft pair of panties and a pair of wine red tights and a beige pair of boy shorts firm control panty. What do you think about guys who love wearing women's lingerie?

  • Hi there

  • Is lingere panties and i guess i dint no

  • Lingerie is panties, stockings, garter belts, shapeware, slips & camisoles, and bras.

  • Do you have a girlfriend xxx

  • Sure would like one. Call me panty man.

  • Ha ha realy xxxx

  • Have you a girlfriend xxx

  • I sure would like to have one. I know how to treat a girlfriend...like a green.

  • Whats a green kkk xxxx

  • Kkk i did not no sorry

  • More like 40 year old fat dude still living with your mom. Have you even taken a shower in the last month? You fat b******.

  • No need to be rude

  • You are a dumbo

  • Get lost

  • 18 hot an h****

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