Pictures of wife nude led to s**

I showed my best friend pics of my wife completely nude.Eventually he told her .Down the road a couple of weeks while drinking at our house,she asked him what he thought of the pics.His reply was she had a beautiful body and he got erect from them.She asked him if he would like to see the real thing. Of course he said yes ,and she put music on and stripped down. Both of us was hard looking at her great body. She said it was our turn and my friend started to undress. I watched him undress and reveal a nice package .My wife told me to strip and I did.She was staring at 2 big hard d**** and I was so excited and then.Im going to leave it alone because what happened I can't believe. I never thought I would let or want this to happen.

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  • Had similar situation with my wife when we were first married. Showed a couple of naked photos of her to my best friend. One night while he was at our house and drinking a bit to much he mentioned it. She was intrigued and asked him he if wanted to see more. I knew my wife liked him but I didn't expect what happened next. She grinned at me and led him by the hand to our bedroom and locked the door. He spent the night with her in our bed while I slept on the couch. That was one of the hottest nights of our married life. Still remember every moment 20 years ago.

  • I like to “accidentally” send nudes of my virgin fiancée to some of my friends, so that they do to her what your friend did to your wife. Three of them are starting to suspect that I’m not doing this on accident, but I’ll confirm their suspicion, if one of them makes the effort to reassure me that I can trust them and makes me feel comfortable, I’ll slowly come out as a cuckold and tell them that my fiancée is still a virgin.

    As a cuck, ever since my fiancée (when she was just my GF) told me she’s a virgin, a very specific cuckold fantasy entered my mind. I can’t believe how much I want this. This fantasy becomes more intense each day that she remains a virgin. There’s so much potential for extreme humiliation and adrenaline-induced jealousy induced by permanently losing the chance to have something special, which arouses me like nothing else.

    I’m sure you can guess what I want one of my friends to do with my virgin fiancée.

  • I actually had several of my friends have s** with my fiancée before me. The first one was my best friend since elementary school and I watched as he took her virginity. I stayed a virgin until we married while she had a total of 16 guys between her legs before me.

  • You been talking about your virgin fiancee for over a year now. Maybe change your story to virgin wife.

  • That’ll happen soon enough. However, it’ll be much harder for her to stay a virgin, after we’re married, which makes my fantasy impossible.

  • 😂😂

  • I know what happened. Let me f*** your wife, too.

  • You have to be a good size.With her size does matter. She also likes to be tied and blindfolded. She doesn't want to know who it is. She just wants to feel full and hear you c** in her meaty p****.She is now useto being shared.
    I do not do this for any other reason than to go to bed with her girlfriends
    This has nothing to do with cuckold. Just spicing up our s** life.Taboo is a turn on for us.If you could see her now spread and blindfolded and waiting to please. Her body is beautiful. She is shaved and meaty downstairs and nice sized breast 36c.She knows men are always checking her out when we are out.They should only know.

  • What is your size.If your small no way.She has been reemed by big c*** .

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