S** with my ex

Divorced my ex-husband better than 10 years ago. I have moved on, had several boyfriends and remarried 2 years ago. My besty and I went out ladies night a few nights ago. I ran into my ex-husband and I couldn't help but remember how good he was in bed, how big his d*** is. Before I knew it, I was sitting in his car making out with him. Next thing I knew we were in the back seat, my clothes were off and we were having amazing s**. I have no idea why I did it and I'm ashamed of myself for stepping out on my loving husband. The sad thing is if I ran into him tonight I would probably do the same thing again.

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  • I have been divorced for well over ten years. My ex wife is remarried but still remains good friends with my sister. Ever time I come back to my home town , usually 4 times a year my ex wife make sure to visit while I'm at my sister's and every time she visits we end up f****** in one of the bedrooms. It p***** my sister off because she is friends with my ex wife's husband and also my wife. We just can't seem to break that sexual tension between us.

  • The week I came back from my honeymoon my ex-husband brought our daughter home. My new husband was on the road so my ex sat down and started chatting with me about how the honeymoon went, asking if it was as good as ours was and if we f***** every night. The talking got pretty dirty as I told him details of the s** we had and it was obviously turning us both on. I had walked out to the kitchen to look out in the yard making sure our daughter was ok playing with the next door neighbor when my ex came up behind me. He had a way of kissing my neck that just made me melt. Before long In on my knees sucking his c*** while he is placing with my nipples . He pulled me up turned me around and yanked down my shorts and panties . I was slightly bend down with my arms on the counter and him sliding his d*** into me . My mind was racing as he f***** me and had me c****** in just a few minutes. It didn't take long and he was c****** too. That was 6 years ago and we have had s** a dozen times since then. I know its wrong but he just knows what I need and how to give it to me.

  • My exhusband did that once to me. He stopped by to give me the child support check. We had been divorced probably 2 years at this time and my new husband was at work. We talked for a bit and I offered him some coffee. We finished and I picked up his cup to put it in the sink. When I got to the sink he stepped up behind me and started to kiss my neck and ears. He knows that drives me crazy. I just stood there letting him do it eventhough I knew it was wrong. I was wearing a sun dress and he slipped one hand in the side of my dress and started rubbing my breast as he slipped the other hand up my dress and pulled my panties down. Then he bent me over and started rubbing my p**** from behind. I was so h**** by this point I just wanted him to f*** me. I kept pushing my ass back against him until he finally pulled out his c*** and pushed it up inside me. After we finished I was so upset that I had cheated on my husband that I told my exhusband he couldn't come to my house anymore. From then on I made him mail the check or send it home with our daughter. My husband knew something had happened because of they way I wouldn't let him come over, but I never told him what it was, I just told him I didn't like him coming to our house. He still doesn't know to this day.

  • Why are you upset. The s** was good, so why be upset. You know guys f*** around all the time so it's only fair that us women get to have fun too. You don't think you husband hasn't f***** around on you? Girl you know he probably has. Call your ex if s** is good.

  • I'm upset because I f***** around on my husband. He's a good man and I love him so much. It's just the s** with my ex-husband is so amazing it's hard to say no to him. My ex knows how to push all the right buttons with me. He knows where to kiss me, where to touch me, and what to say to me to get me in bed. I have done things with that man that I would never dream of doing with my husband.

  • Hook up with him again! Maybe even find a way to tell your husband. Something like: "Last night I had the wildest dream... "

  • My husband is an over the road truck driver and is gone for over a week at a time . Depending on the loads he picks up it can be two weeks before I see him again. While he was on a trip I had car trouble and was broke down on my way home from work. I called a few friends and then reluctantly called my ex husband to see if he could pick me up. His response to me asking for a ride home was " what's in it for me?" I told him I would cook him dinner when we got back to my house. He picked me up, the whole ride made comments that were sexual in nature but in a joking manner . I guess he was testing the waters. True to my word I made dinner and he helped me clean up. We are finishing up when my phone rings , its my husband checking in about the car. I'm talking to him for a few minutes when my ex starts massaging my shoulders. I moved away from him and in a few seconds he came back wrapping one arm around my waist and started feeling my breast with the other hand. I have super sensitive nipples and he was getting me worked up and he knew it. I made an excuse to cut the call to my husband short. Told my ex he was an ass but didn't take away the hand that was now inside my bra. Nor did I try to stop him when he unbuttoned my shorts and slid his fingers inside my panties. He started talking dirty, telling me how wet I was and how slutty I was letting him finger me. By this time I was c****** on his fingers and it was long before I was c****** on his c*** and he was c****** in me.

    As soon as it was over the guilt set in and I told him he needed to go. He called me later that night to tell me he would never say anything to my husband and that set my mind somewhat at easy. Since that day I have only screwed up and f***** my ex one other time. Its tough when you are alone so much and you know there is a safe and willing man just a phone call away.

  • I would love it if my wife would have s** with her ex husband!

  • I agree with you on the safe part. My husband works on an oil rig and he's gone 6 weeks home 6 weeks. When he's home I an faithful to him, but when he's gone I need s**. I call a male friend of mine who always helps me out. He knows we are just friends and that's all we will ever be but I don't trust other guys. He and I joke that I have a 6 week hiatus when my husband comes home. My husband of course doesn't know, so we don't joke about that.

  • I love your arrangement! Win-win!

  • How old are you?

  • I'm 38 years old, why do you ask?

  • Just asking, shame there aren't more women like u.

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