Friend with s**

Have to admit I am not a very attractive guy. I never had a girlfriend all threw school. When I was 25 I paid a prostitute to have s** with me. We did it many times until I lost my job and could no longer afford to pay her. Evidently I have a large member so my prostitute gave me s** a few times on the house because she wanted it. Moved away from the area 4 months ago to start a new job. I met this girl Sally at work who was never nice to me. We started hanging out as friends and I eventually worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date. She declined saying I was too nice to date her. I can take a hint, she just was not interested. We still hung out and did the whole friend thing. Two weeks ago our company had the annual Christmas party. I showed up and found Sally. I got her a drink and we mingled with others. Sally was drinking a lot because we had an open bar. She ended up getting really drunk and asked me to take her home. I got her coat on and helped her to my car. I then helped her into her appartment and got her sat down on the couch. I no more than got her sat down and she kissed me. She reached down and started to rub my d*** saying she was h**** and wanted to have s**. I first pushed her away and told her she was just drunk, but she persisted. She reached out and unbuttoned my pants trying to pull them down, but again I pushed her away and told her she would regret sleeping with me when she sobered up. She then got very angry with me and said I was probably gay anyway. Her words were hateful and it p***** me off. So I told her fine, you want to f***, here. I pulled off my pants and got my d*** out. The look on her face when she saw how big I am was a look of shock. She grabbed me and immediately started to give me a b******. Although she could only get the head of my d*** in her mouth she used her hands to stroke the rest of me. We ended up making it to the bed where we had s**. After we finished I gathered my clothes and left her on the bed. The next day was Sunday and I never heard a word from her. I assumed she was upset like I knew she would be. The next day on Monday I tried to avoid her because I knew it would be uncomfortable for her. I never talked to her all day. I continued to avoid her all week and by Friday I was having a hard time staying away from her. She cornered me in the breakroom and asked me what the f*** was my problem. I told her I was just trying to give her space. She exploded on me saying I thought she was just a f*** and now I don't want anything to do with her. I assured her that was the furthest from the truth, and reminded her that SHE was the one who wanted to remain just friends. She tried to tell me that things change, people change, and maybe she wanted more than just friendship now. I agreed and our argument came to an end. We have been hanging out more since that day in the breakroom but we haven't had s** again. Of course that was only last week so not like a lot of times has passed. I am still concerned about her previous comment about wanting to be friends to now all of a sudden after we had s** she wants more than just friendship. Could she be using me for just s**? But if that were true why hasn't she came on to me in the last week? What exactly changed her mind to decide just friends was not good enough? Maybe I am just worrying about nothing and I should just go with it for now.

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  • See where it goes just stay honest and true to yourself.

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