Tried on my teachers silky panties

My ugly big t** teacher became friends with my mom because I was a s***** 12 year old in school. They were both divorced and became friendly. The teacher liked me though even though I was roughty.

One day she asked me to baby sit her two little boys. After they went to bed I was drawn into her bedroom and found her underwear draw. Lots of silky bras and undies in there.

I tried to figure out what to do that would get me off. I was and always have been such a horn dog. Then I saw her lipstick. I opened it and rubbed it all of the head if my c*** so my head was now a glowing red hard beacon. I dropped my clothes off and slid on her silky white undies and rubbed my hard c*** while inside them. When I looked inside and saw the mess I made I got nervous and took them off. I didn't c** in them but the imprint of my c*** head was pretty clear. I guess I panicked and took them off and buried them in the back of her draw.

I came later that night when I got home thinking about it. i wonder to this day if she found them what her reaction was?


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  • The thought of one of my sons friends doing that makes me wet!

  • The thought of you wet makes me want to eat your p****

  • I was left alone in my friends house while his mom took him to the shops. When they were safely gone I went to her bedroom and rifled through her undies drawer and found a pair of gorgeous white silk lacy panties and took them out. I dropped my pants and wrapped the panties round my c*** and jacked off thinking of my friends mom. I shot my load into her panties and o boy what a load. I folded them up and put them back and its been such a thrill thinking that one day she would pull them on with my seed next to he quim.

  • I’m sure she figured out real quickly when she grabbed them . And I’m sure she knows who it was. Was she hot looking? Should have dug for the d****

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