Don't want s** with husband

Hi I have not had s** with my husband for 3 years since our son was born. I just don't fancy him. Yes a good guy and father. I tell him no when he makes advances. The odd thing is I MasterCard all the time. I some days do it as soon as he leaves for work. I feel guilty but don't fancy him but get aroused by almost any other man I see.. Any ideas why?

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  • I think you need to take a lover. Maybe your husband would even agree!

  • My ex-wife did the same thing. That's why she's my ex.

  • What do u look like?

  • Maybe his little c*** has you turned off.
    Go out and get some young serious c***.
    Any female who goes without s** from her husband might as well leave. If I’m your hubby I’m f****** your friends and any other female that wants it

  • The problem is you're going through typical female animal behavior. The primitive part of a women's brain and the primitive part of a male's brain work totally different. The male's primitive brain tells him to mate with every female he can to ensure this bloodline survives. The more women he mates with, the better chances his bloodline will survive. However, most times his evolved brain overrides his primitive brain and keeps him faithfully.
    Female primitive brains have the same agenda, ensuring the survival of their offspring. For this reason their primitive brains will seek out a suitable male, typically the strongest to ensure their offspring survives. Today that translates into the quintessential bad boy. As the strong males, or "bad boys" are not suitable for protecting their offspring, the woman's needs change once the child is born. She no longer needs good Gene's, she needs protection. Today this translates into the stable male who is financially set or has a good income. Sometimes the evolved brain tries to override the primitive brain, but once the "bad boy" leaves the woman has no choice but to find the "stable male".
    I believe this is where you are at, you are shifting from the gene provider "bad boy" to the stable provider.
    The question for you?
    Is your husband both gene provider and stable provider?
    Because today's male can be both, and It's up to your evolved brain to override your primitive brain and decide if your husband is both. Good luck!

  • Well first you have to stop shopping with the MasterCard.

  • Yeah, you’re a wh0re!!!!

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