I got my b**** kicked so bad

Two weeks ago, I was at school. I was chilling at this one place where you can stay to do homework, and wait for your bus there. Today, there was just me and three girls. Ive never really talked to them, as Im not good with people.

Suddenly they asked me to go to them, as they wanted to show me something. I stood up and walked to them. The moment I stopped, one of them (Ill call her Shirley) kneed me in my b****. It hurt a lot, and I fell to the ground. They all laughed at me, calling me pathetic and making fun of me.

They then proceeded to have two girls (shirley and her friend Emily) to hold me down. The third girl (who we will call Sandra) then stomped and kicked on my b****. I started yelling, but Emily said they will destroy my b**** if I didnt stop.

They kicked, kneed, squuezed and stomped on my b**** for 15 minutes straight, taking turns and humiliating me and making fun of me.

They then spit on the ground, and told me to lick up their spit. I said no, and Sandra grabbed my b****. She squuzed hard, and started lifting them into air. I had no choice, but to lick their spit.

From that day to the christams break, they were teasing, scaring and kicking my b**** every day. At first, I thought it to be humiliating and terrible, but after that session, I started to enjoy it.

Ive come to accept the fact that they own my pathetic weak little b****, and theyre allowed to use them how they want.

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  • You are going to need to try a lot harder to make your stories believable. this is garbage. try again

  • You a lil b****

  • Strip stories

  • It’s the ball stomp guy again. . . it would be better if he could get together and make a post with the belly sitting guy.

  • Learn to toughen up!

  • Deserves you right. get over it.

  • Meh. So fake. I pay women to pretend to do this to me.

  • Fake fetish dumbass post

  • This dude f****** post this s*** all the time. Fake as f***, but he's too f****** stupid to realize everyone knows he's fake.

  • Till the time fuckingg OPs like yourself will keep on posting s*** i ll keep on discouraging your non sense you slimy little nerd now go under your mom’s basement till you grow up

  • You're drunk as f*** n****.

  • I knew who are you are just a fuckking pedo

  • Your so right

  • Kick their p***** in.

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