S** addict

I am what you would consider a 10+ or hard 10. Not to brag or anything but women want to sleep with me all the time. I have f***** so many women I lost count long ago. I have destroyed relationships due to my infidelity, and I'm not sure how to fix the problem. It's like I can't say no to women when they come on to me. I have f***** many of my coworkers, my sisters friends, my moms friends. I have f***** girlfriends and their friends. I f***** several of my girlfriends mothers and sisters. I even f*** one of my girlfriends grandmother one time. I have f***** a few girlfriends aunt's and one girlfriends boss. I f***** a college professor and many many girls in college. I have broken up people's marriages, gotten my ass beaten for sleeping with other guys women, and even kicked out of places because people don't trust their women not to sleep with me. I know this sounds like I'm bragging but trust me I'm not. I have f***** so many women that I no longer have any relationship with any woman and I fear I will be alone for the rest of my life if I don't find a way to fix this. I have a date with a nice woman I met at the grocery store on New Year's eve but I know there will be h**** woman at the bar who will want to f***, and it will ultimately p*** off this girl making her leave me too. Every person I talk to just tells me I am blessed with good looks, but I don't consider it a blessing when I'm looking at spending the rest of my life alone. I even tried to go to counseling one time but the counselor was a woman. Everything was going great until she asked me out for a drink and f****** came on to me and we had s**. Afterward she told me she couldn't be my counselor any longer because we slept together, and she was married. I know I'm a s** addict and I attended group meetings to deal with my addiction, but I can't keep woman from coming onto me. So what good is the group? I mean alcoholics can just stay away from the bar, it's not like i can stay away from women. I think I'm destin to be alone.


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  • The old saying that it takes two to tango. All the families or relationship that were ruined Were ruined due to wives and girlfriends that decided to f*** around on there husbands / boyfriends. As for the other two comments posted here, they both obviously have wives that will f*** anyone but them

  • Arrogant, yet can't spell? Oh no darling, you're not "destin" to be alone.

    Wait. Yes, yes you are. Or you'll get saddled with another dumbkopf who will then morph into Jabba the Hutt and make your life the h3ll you deserve.

    Looks go away. Stupid doesn't. LMAO

  • The stupid ones never learn until it's too late, and then we're all supposed to feel sorry for them

  • You should live the rest of your life alone. Why? Cause you sound like you’ve f***** so many families up and this is your reward. I hope you’re never happy again cause you deserve it. You sound like a guy I knew that only wanted to be my friend just to f*** my wife. You break up families just cause you want s**.

  • I remember f****** your wife. She sucked my c*** like there was no tomorrow. Then she rode my like she hadn't had s** in years. Yes, I sent her home happy that night.

  • Good one. Lol

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