S** in the Garage

Read this site quite a bit but never have anything to contribute until now. My sister-inlaw has always been a very flirty woman. She says harmless sexual s*** all the time and normally I just ignore her. She has even made sexual gestures to me but I normally just act like I don't see it, or laugh it off like she's being silly. She has been this way for as long as I have known my wife. I even said something to my wife about it, but she told me that's just who she is, she's harmless.

The family decided to come to our house this year for the holidays. Aunt's, uncles, cousins, mom, dad, brother, and the in laws. Needless to say we had a full house. Christmas eve was a chaotic day. Everyone preparing food, rapping gifts, and visiting. I'm not a very social person, that is my wife, so I tend to hide as much as I can whenever I can.

We live out in the country on 4 acres with several outbuildings, including a couple garages and a she shed. My wife was busy helping prepare food when she asked me to go out to her shed and get a yard ornament she made for her mother. I took this as an opportunity to hide for a bit and snuck out to the shed by myself. I no more than got the TV turned on when the door opened, it was Sister-inlaw. I asked her if she needed to get something too, but she just said nope, followed you out her to be alone. I offered her a seat and before long she started making sexual innuendos. I decided to try something different this time and call her bluff. I calmly said "you know, you have been hinting about f****** me for years now, why don't you s*** or get off the pot"

Well, she called my bluff. She got up, looked at me and said "it's about f****** time" Then she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled up her bra exposing her beautiful t***. She unzipped her pants, pulled them and her underwear down bending over the table. She looked at me and said "you better hurry up if we're f****** before someone comes looking for us" I don't know why I did it, but I jumped up pulled my pants down and slid my d*** inside her. I pumped her from behind until both of us had an o*****. Then she left the shed leaving me there by myself.

They all went home after Christmas, but my sister-inlaw texted me the other day and said she hopped I liked my Christmas present and that the secret is safe with her. I guess she's not so harmless after all.


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  • Yeah,enjoy your Xmas present ,btw I'm pregnant 😅

  • Should’ve come in her mouth

  • The sister of a guys wife or girlfriend can be one of the most easiest woman the guy can have an affair with. She's also the most dangerous. I dated a twin when I was in my early 20's. Her twin sister and her were so close they did everything together. They lived together, shared a car, worked at the same place, and they were best friends. I ofcourse was friends with my girlfriends sister. One night we went to a wedding and my girlfriends sister asked if I would take her back to their apartment so she could change. I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go but instead she stayed at the reception. Her sister and I went to the apartment and we no more than got in the door and she kissed me full on the lips. I stopped her and said what about your sister. She said, f*** that b**** she gets all the hot guys. Then we had s** before returning to the reception. I ended up f****** the sister many times without my girlfriend ever finding out. Her sister had the power though to end my relationship at any time.

  • So you’re not a Hot guy lol 😂

  • Hot enough I f***** your momma.

  • You got lucky because her sister was jealous. I do agree that ones own sister, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin are the easiest because of jealousy. Women are petty and can become jealous over men, especially if they think their own family members are getting something they are not. People sometimes call bullshit on stories like these, but trust me, it happens more than you would think.

    I'm in college right now studying psychology. I will actually graduate this spring, but I have been interning with a licensed marriage counselor. Some of the things I have already seen and heard would blow your mind. This one couple in my opinion shouldn't even be married. Not to each other, not to anyone. They are both f***** up. He f**** any woman who would spread her legs for him, and she is having an affair with her husband's father. She keeps saying she's going to stop but she never does. He keeps saying he's going to stop but doesn't either. They have had the cops called so many times for domestic disturbance they can't even remember how many times its happened. And that's just one couple. We have had many many couples come in where he has slept with his wife's mother, sister, daughter, or aunt. We have also had many couples where she is just a s***. F**** every guys she meets. It's crazy, but I'm glad I chose this as my career.

  • Fantastic story

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