My partner she brought the subject up of D****** to me , She said she as never done it but is very curious of what goes on at D****** sites . Me personally i know very little about it really ,Thou I do know areas where this goes on and it would be easy enough to get to get to them . The subject of D****** as come up more than once in her conversations it seems to excite her , I have thought about it many times my self since she mentioned it to me but I don't know how far I could let things go . As for my partner I don't know what's on her mind I don't really want anyone having s** with her , I thought we could go out for a meal and she always dresses sexy and after the meal drive to a D****** site to see what happens . Could anyone tell me what the rules are what do you do when you get there , What do the Doggers expect from you , What do they do and what should you do . Please tell me as much as you can and best places thank you !

Jan 1, 2019

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  • M43 Plymouth England. Anyone know of anywhere near me? brisket@gmx.com

  • Turnchapel. Right on the end in the car park nearest the tower. Sometimes cars park up then go around the tower in the bushes (opens in a clearing) many a good time had there👍

  • His there anywhere near Bristol or Wiltshire

  • Anyone know of anywhere near Plymouth in the U.K.? 43 m here

  • Wow wow wow

  • Are you male or female?

  • Male , keep trying

  • Hot as f***

  • I've been trying to post the rest of what happened but it keeps blocking me

  • Advice:

    EXAMPLE :https://www.bubbaporn.com/video/d******-at-18/

  • If you love her, don't do it.

  • I Do love her , Have you done it and had a bad experience

  • Yes, I have. My ex and I were having fun in the parking lot of a secluded park, and the attention we got was a little much. People were rude, pushy even. Had to tell others to turn off their f****** phones. Never again. It was the least hot thing I could ever imagine.

  • Was it you or your partner that wanted to do it , How far did you get and what did they see , Did anyone touch her , I would like to know all the details I am very interested thank you

  • I did it with my partner, it was sensational to watch another man pleasuring her

  • Can you tell me what happened

  • It was our anniversary and I told her I had something special planned, I drove us to a disused estate, I left our lights on and made sure we window was down, and door was unlocked, she looked at me gone out, and what the f are we doing here? I said it's something special, lent over and kissed her.
    My heart was pounding knowing what was going to happen, the animal in me took over and I started molesting my partner, she just started kept saying pack it in and is this it?
    The more she didn't want it the more excited I got.
    Then out of no where a c*** came through the window, she screamed out out what the f***.....

  • She turned to me for help, I was smiling' to said suck it! She by this point looked stunned I new I had to seize the moment I signalled bfor him to enter the car, as he was opening the door she tried to stop him but grabbed her arms and started undressing her, (ripping her clothes off!) She had spent all the previous Saturday with her sister looking for it, thinking she was going to the ballet, he ripped her knickers off and shoved him self in and she was sobbing saying why! At this point I noticed he was bareback, I shouted faster harder! ...

  • Haha funny rape

  • I Do love her , why have you done it

  • It is a exciting experience! The best thing is just go with the flow

  • Can you tell me what to expect , what you did

  • Keep your lights out, and your doors locked,
    But to be fair, you would be better putting your lights on! The results will be amazing.

    People will just watch with your lights out and doors locked, but if you allow access, you can tell people what you two will allow!

    I personally did what I want with their women

  • Tell me more information

  • I will if you are with your girlfriend too!

  • We are here

  • Yes we are here

  • Normally a girl starts sucking from the side window if they are willing? Some will stick there behind out or sit in the boot or back seat starting with fondling which would your girlfriend start with?

  • What would you suggest .

  • Well if she is enjoying it? She should take her tops of and start playing with her t*ts this is good practice! Let me know when she has!

  • She as

  • Where is the best sites in the West of England

  • Leicester is good, it's one of them places no one thinks much goes on!
    Lincolnshire is also very good, full of quiet places!
    Have your girlfriend get naked and rub her self don't touch her yourself, this will help you keep control.
    What does she look like everything!

  • Slim big t*** shaven pretty

  • Right then, is she rubbing her self? And you are restraining yourself? Ask her if she wants my c*ck inside her?

  • Yes and yes

  • Ok, she needs to put her fingers probably two for now in herself! And still rub her clitorous this will be something we will do when we meet! You need to stay restrained! Ask her does she want me deep and hard?

  • Tell me more

  • 3 words... "Google Advanced Search"

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