Sucking pregnant b****

So my moms friend just had a baby and she's a little big, so her being pregnant made her b**** even bigger. My mother and I went to her house a couple of times to give their family food and to check up on her. The first time we went there, her husband was at work and it was only her child. My mom dropped me off and went to get the rest of the food she forgot to bring. I put the food on the table, and the kid told me his mom was feeding the baby upstairs and he went to the basement. I went upstairs slowly and saw her sleeping on the bed with the baby sleeping on her sucking her. I took the opportunity and started sucking on her other huge t**. I made a mess and ran to the bathroom. The next time we went, she was feeding the baby on the main couch, so I saw her b**** in front of her.


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  • The baby would suck you good

  • Nothing sucks better

  • So you are saying that not only is your mom a complete moron who is oblivious to you f****** her, so is her friend?
    Newsflash genius, women really aren't that f****** stupid to where they are oblivious to some guy having s** with them (or sucking on their breast). You sound like a complete f****** idiot when you write stupid s*** like this. Find a different fetish to write about. One that doesn't make you sound like a complete f****** moron.

  • 🤣🤣

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