Id like anther boy and guys like to see me wearing panties

Id like anather boy to see me wearing panties guys would like to see

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  • My sister is 15 and a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers and plastic panties to bed every night.I love sneaking a pair of her plastic panties into my room,putting them on and masturbating in them!

  • Love wearing panties bras and nighties. Lot of us guys do. Cooler weather is good so I can wear nice bras. Have never done this but fantasise bout wearing girly undies with a guy and sucking each other till we c u m in each others mouths. Am over 50. Would also like a woman to buy my girly knickers and bras with. I am a bit overweight so I have great t its which fit into my bras perfectly. Would like a guy to suck my nipples and c um in my mouth.

  • I would love to see you wearing your silky knickers and lingerie, caress your d*** in your nylon knickers then pull it out and place my mouth over your erection and take your xxx into my throat.

  • I got caught wearing my sister's panties when I was littler by my mom and she thinks it's cute and buys me my own. When I was ten the neighbor boy saw me and I was really embarrassed. He started kissing me and stuff and asked me to let him see them. Now I kinda like letting him and even other boys see them?

  • You can see my panties

  • You can see my panties ima boy

  • Little boys in panties are cute 8 too 12 yrs old.


  • Im a boy you can see my panties

  • Ima boy ou cansee m panties whenever you want

  • Lovely tight lil ass p***** I love lil boys

  • You can have my emailand ill be our pantie boy

  • I'm a boy ill show you my panties

  • I'm a boy ill show you my panties whenever you want I love to show m panties to other boys

  • I'd love to see you wearing panties. I love wearing panties 24/7. We could rub each other thru our panties.

  • I want you to see my panties I want all boys to see my panties I want boys to see mine

  • I will, I want to make you c**

  • I'm a boy ill c** in my panties for you

  • Ill c** in m panties for you

  • You can see m panties ill c** in m panties for you

  • Do you want to see my panties I'm a boy I want to show boys m panties

  • ? how old are you...

  • Im a teen im over ts ok i want you to see them

  • Do ou want my email ill sho ou my panties ill c** in them

  • Lm old enough i wantyou tosee my panties

  • Ou can see m panties

  • You can see my panties I want boys to see m panties

  • 50 yo

  • I wear white silky French knickers, stockings held tight with suspenders, a lacy bra and a white satin and lace slip to die for, complimented with white strappy high heels and a flouncy pink silk dress all silky and just waiting to be lifted up and my body pulled against yours so we can feel our erections rubbing against each other.

  • I'm a bo I want ou to see mine I want other boys to see my panties

  • I'm a 72 single male, hairy fit and so h****! I would like to have you in my bed dressed like that with me completely naked. I would tickle you and have you wriggling about so I could feel your silky knickers against my hard probing p**** and your stockinged legs rubbing against my legs with lots of kissing and fondling and we would be so aroused together darling.
    Then when and only when you were ready I would place a pillow under your bottom gently lifting your hips onto it lifting the hem of that floaty dress and your white satin slip up above it and spreading your legs revealing your silky white French knickers and your erection, holding your hips I would lower my mouth and I would kiss and fondle your lovely p**** but not making you c** yet as I want more of you darling. Kissing your p**** and testicles with big licks and slurps you would be wet from my loving saliva and would be crying for more.
    I would kiss your tears dry and whisper my desire to penetrate you with my throbbing p**** and you would meekly agree kissing my lips and lifting your hips higher, I would gently pull your knickers aside and thrust my erect p**** inside your bottom and we would have lovely sexual intercourse together. You would love it as I can go a long time without e********** and only when you were screaming and crying for me to c** would I release myself to you and fill your bottom with my little babies.
    Darling, please post me and tell me how much you want me to make love to you!

  • Yes please you sound adorable, I want you, I want you darling please fill me with your xxx, I want to feel your xxxx inside me!!!!

  • I'm a boyi want you to see my panties I want boys to see my panties

  • No harm and enjoy

  • I'd like to sniff your mums dirty panties lol

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