Hidden camera watching my daughter m*********

As bad as this seems I was curious to see if I could catch my daughter masterbating so I put a hidden camera in her room and wow I got some great results. It turns out that she does it more than I ever imagined and now I use the videos to w*** off. Her morning routine getting ready for school is an interesting one as she always takes a shower and then without fail squats in front of her bedroom mirror and rubs her c*** like crazy. It only takes her about 30 seconds to reach her climax then she casually wipes her bits with a makeup wipe amd gets dressed. I would say it’s become more like a ritual for her but even tho Iv watched it a thousand times it still turns me on every time. I suppose it’s because I know I shouldn’t be seeing her do it but I can t help it, I think I’m as addicted to watching it as she is doing it. It’s also been an eye opener having the camera in her room as i now know that she often takes very rude pictures of herself and can only assume sends them to boys from her school. Has anyone else ever done anything like this or would like me get off on seeing there daughter or a pre 16 girl doing it to themselves?


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  • Maybe she knows that you watch and enjoys it. Maybe you should proceed to next phase

  • I loved spying on my daughter from a very young age. Seeing her nude and masturbating was wonderful. I also enjoy peeking on other family members.

  • I hope she's young . How old.

  • How old is she?
    post the vids, or at least a few pics :-)

  • F_cking paedo. Kill yourself. Do your daughter and the world a favour

  • Send me the vids dude

  • Hot!

  • You sick f***

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