How do I have s** with my straight cousin?

When I was 15 my brother and I went to live with my aunt and uncle. Before then I had never felt many attraction towards my cousin. After a few months of living there I started having feelings for him because he touched me once, but I moved away right after and he said sorry. My brother has been gone for 2 years now, and I have nobody to talk to. So I m 17 now and so is my cousin, but he is a few months older than me. He is very fit, and handsome. I have tried countless times to get over him, but I just can t. Maybe I should just tell him how I feel to try and make the feelings go away. Please help I am so attracted to him it s not even funny. (BTW I m still in the closet).


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  • Try to find him alone. Then hug him and kiss him with passion. Touch his p**** and tell him you want it deep inside your p****. Take off your panties and beg him to f*** you. Have fun!

  • I was lucky at an early age to experience my gorgeous cousin one summer. I never realized how attractive she really was until the later years in HS
    She would sneak into my room and she taught me how to kiss her, hold her, fondle her. The night we had s** we both fell in love. She couldn’t stay away from me as we grew up.
    Later she made many attempts to show up wherever a family event was taking place. I never really connected the two. Even when we both were married a few years she called me to talk and meet up for lunch.I never met her.
    Shortly I got divorced and she invited me to come stay with her and her husband since she moved to Austin. She made every attempt to bring something back between us but It never hit me. She was easily the prettiest fit one wherever we had gatherings. I guess she finally gave up and now all I can think of is her hot curvy fit body and how I wish I could be inside of her again. At this point I think it’s way too late

  • Sweetie... Those feeling come from him touching you. When he touched you you liked it right?

  • Yes I did

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