Knicker swipe and c**

A few years back I was on holiday in Wales,in a newly opened national park in Pembrokeshire ( look it up and you'll find it👍) they had a great swimming pool with lazy river and flumes etc,and the changing rooms were just one big mixed area with cubicles of different sizes.
After a swim I went to my locker and passed a couple with their child ,both in their 30's,her a nice shapely brunette, and they were unpacking their clothes ready to go in and get dressed.
The kid then said he wanted the toilet badly and for some reason they both went off,leaving their cubicle door open,with all their clothes and bags on full display!
I was then alone and had an impulsive urge,I went in the cubicle,looked in her clothes pile and found her worn knickers! I took them and got out quick and went in a cubicle a few down.
Normally I'm a sniff and return guy,but I knew I'd not have the chance so I went to town on these white lacey ones which were well worn(cycling was a main way to get around the park as it was spread over a forest) and soon blew my load inside them.
I left the cubicle and walked past theirs,they still weren't back and god knows why,I went back and put her knickers back!
Went and had a shower,came back got changed and i left the pool area.
Up in reception as I left,I saw the family speaking with a manager and clearly they were very angry and the manager didn't have a clue what to say!!
I smiled to myself and went outside and continued my day!

Jan 6, 2019

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  • Idiot. They had a kid with them. But you're probably a peado so it's natural for you

  • Umm,no. At no point did I say I was interested in the kid,just setting the scene as to why her clothes were unattended.

    I imagine you are the nonce,and was hoping for some of your favourite"little" talk,but was let down and disappointed.

    No,it was just me and an adult female's dirty knickers.


  • Would love to have seen the look on her face when she seen your c** on her knickers.

  • Hero!!

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