Had hard s** with my brothers wife

I have no regrets
My brother is a fagg liberal
And his wife was too hot not to f***
Nice ass big t*** curvy. Shes pregnant with my baby but we decided to let my cuck brother think its his i love f****** his wife. Hate all you want its worth it

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  • I say bang that woman good. Handle your business. Forget your wimpy brother and enjoy what he can't. Awesome! I would love to help by joining in the fun.

  • The comment below me was quite obviously posted by the OP.

  • But the comment ^above^ was posted by a r*****.

  • And the comment ^above^ was posted by a whiny three year old

  • Thanks for the support dude👍,the guy above you is a whiny 3 year old,and most likely the OP again😁

  • OMMFG! I so totally LOVE the fact that you knocked that nasty ass up! And I love it even more that you are continuing the affair! This is so f****** hot! Please keep us updated on all the progress! Please?

  • I think what you and she have done is a thing of beauty, and I'm so glad you did it and are rubbing it in your brother's s***** little face. YAHZZZ!!!!!

  • This site sucks d***.
    I've posted 2 100% true,and f ucking interesting confessions, and they haven't posted them,yet d icks like this freak,and the countless other belly squashers get air time.
    Why bother

  • Troll

  • If this innocent child survives to adulthood and discovers the truth, you will have destroyed their life and the lie on which it is built.

  • Oh stfu libtard
    We beat kids into submission

  • Dumbass: hey i wana put my babby in you hot body hurrr

    "Hot wife": Baaa!


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